Wednesday Musing: When Life Happens

by Roxanne C.


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You know how sometimes your gut tells you something’s up even when it hasn’t happened yet? Yeah, I’m sure you get what I mean, especially if your sixth sense is strong like mine. The past 2 weeks have been crazy – it seemed as though everything happened all at once.


There were some problems at work, which made me feel quite disillusioned about teaching in our local education system (another tale for another day). Over that same weekend, my grandmother passed away. Two days later, I had a beauty shoot to do. One day after that, I delivered my first ever eulogy, and couldn’t have been more grateful to have a couple of my closest friends come and listen to how great my grandmother was to us. Needless to say, the cremation was a horrid and painful affair, no matter how unavoidable it was. One day after the cremation, Monsieur Ratatouille and I received news from our landlord that we had to move out of our current apartment. And then the day after that, I had another shoot to do for a second upcoming project.


Could life get any more dramatic?


I had planned to write some reviews about products I recently tried from brands like Kiehl’s and Ania, and even introduce some really cool hashtags on Instagram to you, but with all these things happening one after another, I really couldn’t catch a breather. Even taking a shower was a chore. It’s as if you opened tons of tabs on Google Chrome and left Spotify playing on your iMac, let it sleep on its own, and then came back in an hour to do more work on it and your iMac starts to hang. Me, I’m like that iMac right now.


But I never believe in wallowing in self pity or sadness for too long about things that you can’t control. Life is never about the hand you’re played, but how you play it. Sometimes it’s a good one, sometimes it’s not. The important thing is you must play. Never ever give up because you could always have had it worse – and you didn’t. There’s always hope and things always get better.


Our spa staycation couldn’t have come at a better time. Being away from everything really helped to clear my mind. Of course, we also kept our tummies full from the dinner and breakfast buffets, and had some quiet time by the infinity pool. I do feel a bit better now, and my heart itches to travel once again to somewhere peaceful at the same time.


Isn’t finding peace what life is all about?


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