Wednesday Musing: How Far Would You Go to Get What You Need?

by Roxanne C.


Sara Happ The Lip Crayons Set (Limited Edition) - Laced Ivory


I recently bought this Sara Happ “The Lip Crayons” Limited Edition Set online because it was Sara Happ and limited edition. Without thinking to first read reviews on Beauty Bay, where I bought my items from, I made the payment and excitedly waited for the package to arrive.


When it didn’t arrive within the 10 days as it promised on its website, I started getting anxious and found out, probably a tad too late, that Beauty Bay has pretty mixed reviews on their customer service and deliveries/shipping. At that point, all I could do was pray, especially since I had opted for the cheapest shipping option that didn’t provide a tracking number.


Luckily for me, it arrived the next working day. Although I wasn’t home and had to claim the package at the post office in the end, I was just glad my package arrived. It didn’t come intact though – the box my items were packed in had been damaged and SingPost had professionally placed everything inside a sealed plastic bag with a note stating that the package had been received in Singapore in that damaged state.


That brings me to today’s Wednesday Musing post. What would you do, or what are you willing to go through, just to get what you really need? Would you, like me, just jump straight at any opportunity to get it without thinking, or would you weigh all options even though time seems to be running out (maybe because of time-based sales, or an expiring discount code)? In my haste, I had risked my mail getting lost in shipment but I think never again will I be so ready to do something as silly as this.


To me, lip balms that suit my sensitive lips are pretty rare and at this moment in time, only Sara Happ lip products work to give me soft lips with none of the undesirable side effects of peeling and so on. Yep, am a self-declared No. 1 fan right here.


Although I kind of regret not first finding out more about where else I could have gotten this lip set, I’m also glad that I now have it in my hands. This lip set is so gorgeous. Just look at that rose gold packaging and mini tubes! The lip products don’t need sharpening because you can just turn the knob at the bottom to reveal more product. Just like how lipsticks work. So lovely.


I currently have all three sticks in my pastel pink makeup pouch, which I scored at H&M in Bellecour, Lyon, for €5. I use The Balm daily and depending on my mood, add either The Nude or The Highlighter (on the middle parts of my top and bottom lip) on top of it. Because they are so cutesy small, they’re also very light and perfect for plane rides. I can’t wait to see what new collection Sara Happ will come up with next.


I’ve since found out that you can get this very same set from Nordstrom, which is so much more reliable. I’ve also learnt that you need to always do some research first before committing your hard earned cash to something.  But when desperate times call for desperate actions, how far would you go to get what you need?


Tell me your stories,