Take Some Time Off to Radiate Your Beauty From Within

by Roxanne C.


What do you do to recharge?

What do you do to recharge?


Pardon the one-week absence from the blog. Glad you stayed. I’ve been so bogged down with everything that’s going on in my life, that blogging simply had to be put on hold for a while – with regret, of course!


As I’m typing this this evening, I’m home alone at my parents’ place for the long weekend. I thought to get something written before everyone comes home from work today, so I can spend some time with them all before heading back to my place tonight. The school term has finally ended and while the holidays has officially started, so have one week of supplementary lessons. My past couple of weeks have been filled either with work, food, quick showers or naps. Repeat.


I also went live on Facebook to show you some of my most recent hauls from places like Daiso and Uniqlo. Because my connection got cut in the middle of filming, there are two parts to this live feed. Here they are:




Which brings me to my point in today’s blog entry: What do you do to recharge? Do you even take time off every now and then to take care of yourself?


For me, recharging simply means I get some much-needed sleep and quiet. If it’s some time by the beach, that would be best but seeing that we are, after all, in Singapore, no beach can be quiet or refreshing enough.


Surprisingly, just 3 days being pampered at home by my loved ones has done miracles to my health. I’ve gotten enough rest, my eyebags have diminished, my diet is taken care of and even my complexion has improved tremendously. It’s as if I went for a personalised spa staycation and am now glowing from inside because of it.


You know, people say that beauty comes from within and I believe it’s true. When you’re surrounded by nothing but love and care, you can’t help but be rejuvenated by it. Sometimes, makeup does wonders. No, actually, make that often times. But there are also times when underneath the concealing, contouring and probing, you wish you didn’t have to do all that to radiate your beauty from inside you.


So here’s one tip for today: Make that connection with your loved ones. Be grateful for everything they’ve given you and for everything else that they can and will. Oh and of course, don’t forget your eye cream.


Count your blessings,