Rave & Review: The Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Auto Lip Liner Duet in Crazy Coco

June 3, 2016


Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Auto Lip Liner Duet


So in between preparing for lectures, minding my own business (literally), catching up on some Neil Gaiman (Any fans out there?), napping, Nordstrom-ing and Pilates, I’ve also been trying my very best to find out where I can buy more of this product. I’d received the Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Auto Lip Liner Duet as a gift and started using it some weeks ago. I’ve kind of fallen in love with it but man, it’s so hard to find online!


This is the first time I’ve heard of the brand Mirenesse and from what I gather on their website, they are an Australian label that is cruelty-free and their products contain ingredients that are organic. Although one of their star products is the Secret Weapon Supreme 24Hr Mascara, it didn’t work as well for me as fibre mascaras do. But this lip liner, this one, is amazing.

Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Auto Lip Liner Duet


Mirenesse Forbidden Ink Auto Lip Liner Duet


There are 9 shades of this liner in all, and each one comes in a duo of 2 complementary shades. The lighter shade in each duo (at the end with the diamond print) is meant to be worn in the day, while the darker one is for evenings or nights. As it is a lip liner, you can use it to line your lips or as a base for your lipstick. However, I use this like how you would use a lipstick – all over my lips.


I first tested both shades of this liner at one go, with the lighter shade on my  upper lip and the darker shade on my lower lip. I ended up liking the effect so much that that’s how I practically wear it all the time now.


A photo posted by Roxanne C. (@lacedivory) on


A photo posted by Roxanne C. (@lacedivory) on


The product is highly pigmented and distributes colour evenly throughout. It doesn’t smell nor dry the lips, and it doesn’t sink into fine lines as well. As a lip liner, it works well by not bleeding outside of the lips. However, it isn’t long lasting, as you’ll find out when you stain your coffee cup, and you’ll need to reapply this after every meal.


A quick check on the Mirenesse website shows this liner to be retailing at S$39.95. If you’re a Mirenesse VIP member, you’ll end up paying less and you’ll also get free international shipping. There are other perks as a VIP member but I’m not super great at math, sorry, so I’ll leave it to you to do the calculations here.


The shade I have is 09 Crazy Coco, and you can find it directly on Mirenesse.com here. There are also swatches of all the other shades on the website, ranging from bright reds to pinks to natural nudes, in case you are interested. Unfortunately, I can’t seem to find this on any other website out there, although Birchbox UK does stock some of their other products. Maybe it’s not time yet for a Mirenesse invasion, let’s all wait and see. You might not end up getting this product for now, but it’s always good to know that there exist alternatives to Kylie’s lip kits.


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