Wednesday Musing: Do You Have Cause Fatigue?

by Roxanne C.


Stella McCartney Breast Cancer Awareness Lingerie


I recently read an article on Digiday, which basically stated that consumers like us have cause fatigue because brands keep hopping on the bandwagon of supporting various causes. I don’t suppose I need to tell you the causes, but some include Earth Day and Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Some other not-so-official ones could include causes that promote racial harmony, women to love themselves or even feminism – most of these being issues that activists are fighting for nowadays.


I don’t really get affected in any way when brands try to promote their products in the name of supporting a cause, because it doesn’t get me to be more involved in their campaigns or influence me in any way to buy something from them. When I buy a product that I’ve never tried before, it’s almost 100% of the time because I have heard good reviews about it, been recommended by a friend or fellow blogger to try it, or just sincerely got attracted by the gorgeous packaging and want to try it for myself. If it’s a product that I normally would use, but is re-packaged to fit the cause, I might consider only if I’m running out.


And I wonder if it has ever worked with you. When a brand announces a new collection, the sales of which would benefit a cause, would it encourage you to get something from it? Or would you be repulsed by it and swear not to touch anything from the collection? Or would you, like me, feel nonplussed about the whole thing and just want it to be over and done with so that we can all move on?


I must agree though, that sometimes, these products do seem attractive to me. The thing is, my favourite colour is pink or rose gold and anything with that colour makes my resistance efforts weak. So maybe I do end up buying more during Cancer Awareness Month after all because just about everything on the shelves is pink. Unless, of course, these products are from a brand whose products I know generally do not suit my skin type.


And if my purchase does contribute to whatever cause the brand is going for, good. If not, there are always other ways in which I can contribute as a member of the society, such as being supportive and empathetic towards those (including the ones around them) going through treatment to get better, or not telling a cancer patient that she’s going to lose all of her hair.


So tell me. I’d really like to hear from you what you think about brands allying themselves with causes. Does it help you decide what to get, or does it not?


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Image credit: WWD