9 Beauty Tips from Taiwanese Celebrity Makeup Artist Kevin 老师

by Roxanne C.


Kevin 老师 at BeautyMaker Event


I recently attended the media coverage of BeautyMaker’s launch of several new products, namely the limited edition packaging of the Matte Cushion Foundation, the new Honey shade of the same foundation range and a totally new product, the Bye Bye Oil.


Taiwanese celebrity makeup artist, Kevin 老师 was present to grace the event, and to show us how these products work. He was such a funny guy, and I enjoyed the presentation thoroughly. It wasn’t just some boring old talk about how great their products are, but there were jokes here and there (his personality shone through very well), as well as a couple of demos which actually got me quite interested. Good looking models always work, regardless of whether they are male or female.


BeautyMAker Matte Cushion Foundation

Congratulations to BeautyMaker on your 10th anniversary!


Throughout the presentation, Kevin老师 gave some beauty tips, which I quickly noted down to the best of my ability. Here’s what he recommended.

  1. When applying skincare and makeup, let each layer sit on the skin for a while before putting on the next layer. This will allow each layer to absorb properly on the skin so that you can get the maximum skincare benefit of each product.
  2. Rub foundation on before patting it to create an even finish.
  3. When applying liquid foundation, use your finger to dab the foundation on under your eye area. This will create a more even finish.
  4. Sun spots and freckles are caused partly by underlying dry skin. Use a lightweight concealor for these.
  5. When applying undereye concealor, start from the bottom of the eye circles or eye bags and work upwards.
  6. For fair skin, avoid red-pigmented products for undereye concealing, as the red will show up and be obvious. Red-pigmented concealors will work only for darker skin tones.
  7. Use a brush, instead of your finger, to conceal acne. Doing this will help to prevent opening up of the wound, which can accidentally happen when you use your finger.
  8. Apply powder products in a downward motion (not upwards). Otherwise, the powder particles will not sit will and will end up looking obvious on the skin.
  9. Use your finger to dab on lip colour for a natural effect.


Here is a quick video I took of him showing us how the new Honey shade of the Matte Cushion Foundation can fit well for guys, and how it can remove facial oil. Check it out below.



He gave us these all these tips while showing us how to use some of the BeautyMaker products that day. There were definitely more tips here and there but I was struggling with a dying phone battery.


If you’re in Singapore, you can find them at Watsons or on www.BeautyMaker.com.sg. I’m currently trying out the Bye Bye Oil, which is a mattifying compact powder that you can use at the end of makeup application to set your foundation, or throughout the day to keep mid-day shine at bay. I’ll definitely review this one the blog – and give something else away from the collection in a bit.


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