The Ultimate Guide of Lip Tutorials to Get the Perfect Pout Every Time

by Roxanne C.


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If you’re having trouble with lipstick, you shouldn’t. I know how tricky lip makeup can get, especially since there are so many kinds out there. Lip stick, lip liner, lip tint, lip gloss and so on. Even lip colour and effect can be an encyclopedia series on its own.


But that’s OK. We can always learn a new trick or two. Here are some really cool tutorials I found on Pinterest, which I think you might like.


1. Get nude lips the easy way.

Nude Lips Tutorial

Image credit: The Beauty Department


2. Create your own gradient lips.


3. Create dark gradient lips for a more sultry look.

Dark Gradient Lips Tutorial

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4. Use a berry lip colour to achieve the 1920’s glamour and elegance.

Great Gatsby Lip Tutorial

Image credit: Beauty Swatch


5. Know which shade to wear for different occasions, based on your skin type.

Lipstick Guide

Image credit: Carolynn’s Stuffs


6. Know some drugstore dupes for MAC’s most popular lipstick shades, so you can save a dime or two.

MAC Lipstick Guide

Image credit: Makeup Tutorials


7. Create the ideal lip shape you want to have by using simple tricks.

How to correct your lips

Image credit: Buzzfeed


8. Be aware of the difference between how gradient and full lip colour look like.

Gradient Lip Colour Vs. Full Lip Colour

Image credit: Marxie Kim Reviews


9. You can even make your own lip scrub with this easy recipe.

Lip Scrub Recipe

Image credit: Rougeimaginaire


10. Here are even more guidelines to achieve a flawless pout.

More Lipstick Guide

Image credit: Makeup Tutorials


11. Make your lip colour last longer with the use of a piece of tissue.

How to make lipstick last

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12. Be an expert in choosing the right red lipstick that best suits your skin tone.

How to hoose the right red lipstick

Image credit: The Radiance Report


13. Create a perfect Cupid’s bow by drawing an “X” on your upper lip.

How to create a perfect cupid's bow

Image credit: The Beauty Department


14. Last but not least, fawn over these gorgeous shades from COLORPOP’S ULTRA MATTE LIQUID LIPSTICKS and pick your favourites.

Color Pop Ultra Matte Liquid Lipstick Swatch

Image credit: Temptalia


I hope you’ve found this useful, and don’t forget to share if you think there’s someone who would benefit from this tutorial compilation! Also, follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube for more updates.

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