Lip Product Addict Tag: What’s the Best Drugstore Lipstick?

by Roxanne C.


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Beauty blogger Rabia from the UK recently did the Lip Product Addict Tag on her blog (you can read it here). I got inspired too, and thought I’d do the same! It’s not a new tag, but even if I had done this one 5 years ago, my answers would be different now. So let’s begin!


1. Favorite balm/treatment?

I don’t have one at the moment, but I really love the SARA HAPP ONE LUXE GLOSS. I love the shade The Pink Slip, which is great for a casual daytime wear, and it is just so moisturising you might as well call it a tinted, glossy lip balm. To find out more about this lip product, check out my blog entry on My Travel Essentials: Makeup Edition.


2. Best eye-catching red?

Definitely the JULIE HEWETT FEMME NOIR LIPSTICK from the Noir collection! This red is such a classic Hollywood red that really anyone can wear. And I mean everyone!


3. Best luxury & best drugstore lipstick?

The best luxury lipstick in my opinion is the TOM FORD LIP COLOUR MATTE. My favourite shade is Black Dahlia from that range of lipsticks – I get so many compliments every time I wear it. The best drugstore lipstick is the L’OREAL PARIS COLOR RICHE COLLECTION LIPSTICK and my favourite shade from that is Julianne.


3. Best M.A.C lipstick?

It’s a limited edition one, from the S/S 2013 M.A.C. Archie’s Girls collection. Betty Bright, who remembers that?


4. The most disappointing MAC lipstick?

To be honest, I’ve never met one!


5. Liner – yes or no?

It depends! If you’ve got on a really good lipstick that doesn’t bleed and is super long-lasting, then you most likely do not need a liner. However, liners can also be used as lip colour, so in that case then yes. Makeup is all about fun and being flexible, so whatever rocks your boat right?


6. Best gloss?

Since I already mentioned the one from Sara Happ, I’ll name my other favourite lip gloss. The lip gloss that I find myself reaching out most of the time is the BOBBI BROWN HIGH SHIMMER LIP GLOSS in Pink Sequin. I previously wrote a review of it and you can see up close photos of the gorgeous swatch here. It’s so pretty, semi-sheer and very moisturising as well.


That’s all for the quick beauty tag. I love tags, because it helps me remember what beauty products I actually have and in that way I can keep stock of my “inventory.” If you’re a beauty blogger as well, I’m tagging you to do this on your blog! Then, head over here and leave the link to your blog entry in the comment section so I can read your tag too.