Introducing the First-Ever Singapore Beauty Week 2016: Luxury Beauty Services at Affordable Prices

by Roxanne C.


So Spa by Sofitel


If you are familiar with Restaurant Week, you’ll know that it’s a week where you can dine at top restaurants for a fraction of the price but yet still get to experience all that they have to offer. Well, imagine what we can do with Beauty Week!


This year, Singapore is having our very first Beauty Week, where you can try out beauty services at top-notch beauty vendors at discounted prices. I checked out the Beauty Week website and saw salons such as Blow + Bar, J’s Salon, Prive Aesthetics, Only Aesthetics (Cool Sculpting, anyone), So Spa by Sofitel, AUUM – The Honest Nail Spa and Dr. GL Spa – to name a few.


While I’m not a spa kind of girl, I definitely recommend a treat when you’re at a staycation. I mean, the 60-minute 1-for-1 Sentosa Massage at So Spa by Sofitel is going to be available for bookings at $211.86 instead of the usual $423.72. How’s that for a short get-away perk? Guys, I think you’d want to surprise your missus with this.


Imagine me counting my lucky stars when I was invited to try out the classic manicure and pedicure at Nail Culture just last week. Nail Culture has two outlets – one in Great World City and the other smaller one at 42 Zion Road – and I visited the latter. Boy, was it cosy and so, so relaxing.



The entire salon can accommodate just about 5 people at maximum capacity (that’s by counting the spaces they’ve got) and for the entire time I was there, there were only a maximum of one other guest and two nail artists. They’ve got a flat-screen TV, on which you can change the channel and where I happily indulged in CSI (go Horatio) for the entire 1.5 hours of my session.


I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Nail Culture, mainly because it provided me with the peace and quiet I needed. Even though it’s situated right by the main road, the door blocks out just about all the traffic noise and I felt as if I was transported somewhere with a slower pace of life (missing Paris as I type this). Add to that someone giving my arms and legs a good scrub and a fresh coat of colour, and you’ve got a very rejuvenated me by the end of it.


I couldn’t help feeling that this was what living your dream was like. Having a small, cosy space in a shop house to call your own and decorating it with pretty crystal lights, white tiles and comfy arm chairs. Your door opens to the main road, and you can watch the day’s traffic go by without any of the noise or stress. Maybe one day Trouvee.Co will get there.


Anyhow, I genuinely think you should check Beauty Week out because your favourite salons might be in there and you are going to be in for a big treat. It’s going to be from 10th – 19th November this year, so there’s still plenty of time for you to browse through the services and book something before it begins (in fact you can book one right now). The classic manicure and pedicure session I had at Nail Culture is normally priced at $105, but will be available at $55 during this week.


Singapore Beauty Week 2016 on The Skinny Scout


There’s also a 48-hour no-cancellation policy, which basically means you cannot cancel your appointment 48 hours before your scheduled booking (makes sense to me), and all payments will be made at your chosen salon.


The beauty addict in me cannot wait. And because you’re reading this (hopefully it’s not too late by now) go book your free access to the So Spa by Sofitel outdoor spa garden facilities (under the “Body” category). I already booked mine.


Go get the refresh you deserve,



Image credit: So Spa by Sofitel

So Spa by Sofitel on The Skinny Scout
So Spa by Sofitel on The Skinny Scout