Thursday Treat: Miss Unladylike on How to Feel Self-Confident

by Roxanne C.


Miss Unladylike on The Skinny Scout


{I’m introducing a new series on The Skinny Scout, where I’ll be interviewing bloggers from all over the world in the hopes that you’ll find an inspiring message or two. I┬ácan’t be happier to start┬áthis series with none other than Elisabeth from Miss Unladylike. Check out what she says about self-confidence below.}


TSS: As a fashion blogger, how would you describe your style?

E: My style is menswear inspired with a feminine twist. Blazers are my signature. I have been wearing them since I was in High School. I believe it’s the easiest way to elevate a look. I’ve vowed to never wear a dress or skirt again, only because I simply do not feel like myself in them. The goal of my blog is to showcase an alternative style for women.


“…surrounding yourself with people who are accepting is very helpful.”


TSS: You recently wrote a post on how it feels to be plus-sized at NYFW. What do you think the fashion industry can do to tackle the issue on labelling women according to sizes?

E: The fashion industry needs to provide clothing to all sizes. We wouldn’t need labels if clothing was available to everyone. We have plus size stores or plus size sections, but what designers need to do is expand their sizes. Many plus size women desire to be fashionable but it’s hard because the options are limited. It’s very difficult to find clean, sophisticated clothing. There shouldn’t be separate stores for different body types. Everyone should have the same access to clothing. Plus size women want to wear the same things as everyone else. You would be shocked at some of the hideous things they try to sell to plus size women.


TSS: Do you have any tips to help our readers feel more confident about themselves regardless of what “size” they are?

E: It’s almost impossible to feel confident if you do not feel comfortable in the clothing you are wearing. It is important to find things that work for your body type. You are not required to follow all trends. For example, culotte pants are very trendy right now but I look like tree stumps if I wear them. That shouldn’t discourage people. Not all trends will work for you. It took me years and a lot of tears to realise this. For myself, wearing slim pants and tucking in my shirt is the perfect formula. I barely stray away from this. There is also no quick tip to feeling comfortable in your body. I have been called fat for most of my life but I never felt that I was. But sometimes when you hear something enough times, you can start to believe it. I finally feel happy with who I am. I think surrounding yourself with people who are accepting is very helpful. You also have control over your body. If you are truly unhappy, you can change anything about yourself. I think that’s very powerful. But it’s also important to know that you do not have to change yourself if you do not want to.


TSS: Tell us about your favourite beauty products that make you feel va-va-vroom!

E: Red lipstick is my go-to. My favorite right now is Nar’s Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in the color Dragon Girl. This one is so smooth and lasts for hours. I have oily skin and the only product in this world that I have tried that has not made me olier is the Josie Maran Pure Argan Oil Light (I know, it’s ironic that an oil makes me less oily). Another skin product I love is the Boscia Luminizing Black mask. It’s a peel-off mask and I’ll be honest, it actually hurts to take off. I only put up with it because I hate scrubbing off any other clay mask. My last product is the C.O. Bigelow lemon lip balm. I have been using this for years and I always buy in bulk. It truly makes my lips feel like butter. You can buy it from Bath & Body works!