Beard Grooming Tips: 7 Minutes to a Well-managed Beard (For Guys, of Course)

by Roxanne C.

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{I know some of you reading this blog are gents. That’s why when Kenneth and I decided to come together and guest post for each other, I knew his idea of taking care of his beard would be great for you! Kenneth was also a speaker at this year’s WordCamp conference and that’s how we met. So glad we hit it off – he’s such a nice guy. You can read all his lifestyle blog posts at 5meanders.}


I’ve had my beard for almost 4 years now, and it’s been a blast. Growing a beard can really change how people view a guy, for better or for worse. After all, no one likes looking at an unkempt mass of hair on anyone’s face. That’s why most people I know have asked me if my beard is hard to maintain.


Maintenance Issues

I tend to equate a well-groomed beard to a woman’s mane. It requires 2 things: One-shot grooming for shape/style and daily care for upkeep purposes. The former is easy – Pick a good barber, and let him work his magic. The latter is definitely more tedious and time-consuming. That’s when bearded guys start to look more like hobos. But fear not, I’ve figured out a 7-minute morning routine that every guy can use!


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1. Snip the strays.

Most beards already have some kind of pre-defined shape. Unfortunately, not every follicle will want to behave. That’s why the first thing I do is to look into the mirror and start snipping off all the stray hairs. Using a small, sharp grooming scissor, I pick out the most obvious of rebels, and start cutting them short.


2. Shape up!

I like to go for a slightly sharper look, so that’s when I take out my Braun electric shaver. I flip out the trimmer attachment and go to town with it, focusing on shaping my beard. The key thing here is to make sure that the general outline of the beard is maintained.


3. Wash off well.

After the clipping is done, it’s time for a quick wash. I usually incorporate this step into my shampooing regime, so I basically use my shampoo on my beard. This helps to clean it quickly and effectively. Of course, if your guy isn’t going into the shower immediately, then a facial cleansing foam works as well.


4. Add oil for effect.

After drying that facial hair off, the final step is to keep that beard soft and supple with a beard oil. I usually a few drops of that beard oil and massage it into the beard quickly.

Just a quick tip on how to choose a beard oil: Most beard oils use  Argan Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil or Grapeseed Oil. Some even use a mix of different oils. For most guys, the oil choice doesn’t matter, but if he does have sensitive skin, then he’s better off with a beard oil that uses grapeseed as a base. Grapeseed oil has more linoleic acid, which is anti-inflammatory, acne reductive and helps to retain skin moisture.

Kenneth Lee on The Skinny Scout


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