Wednesday Musing: Do You Get Inspired by Makeup?

by Roxanne C.


Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Kiss Nail Polish


If there’s one thing I love about fall and winter, it’s that glitter is finally in season. Me, I’m a huge glitter and sequins fan. Huge! And especially since the days get shorter, there isn’t anything else that’s going to brighten your immediate surroundings up like these light-reflecting things do.


I’m currently super in love with the DEBORAH LIPPMANN MERMAID’S KISS Nail Polish, which I got in a goodie bag when I attended the launch of Maven’s new store at VivoCity Singapore. This nail polish shade is not a new shade, as it was launched in SS 2013, and I can’t find it online any more. Nope, not on Sephora, Nordstrom, or even on the Deborah Lippmann website. I tried searching for dupes, but all I could find were dupes for Mermaid’s Dream (another shade in the same collection).


Which makes me feel like this polish I’ve got is super, super precious and I don’t ever want to finish using it. Looking at the bottle, you might think it’s like any other glitter nail polish. But when applied, it’s such a gorgeous combination of tiny gold glitter flecks, coupled with hot pink, baby pink and gold glitter.


Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Kiss Nail Polish

Trouvee.Co Deep Indigo Drusy Bezel Necklace

With this gorgeous deep indigo drusy bezel necklace from Trouvee.Co. Available HERE.


I look at my nails now and think – champagne and candles! My, I think I may even have a good mind to throw a dinner party now with some good homemade shepherd’s pie and cauliflower soup, and have everyone come in glitter or wine-red nails.


I don’t know this, but do you ever get inspired to do something just by looking at gorgeous makeup? Or do you just want to do something to get the exact same results? Do you look at beautiful mermaid crowns and wish you had one too but when you receive yours, find it a bit ridiculous to wear out? Do you pin unicorn hair on Pinterest like crazy but would never in a million years do the same to your own?


I mean, I love mermaid crowns (one thing down in my Christmas wish list) and might even make one myself if I had the time to. And if I had one that I super liked, I would definitely wear it at a fun cruise party. And then again, how often does one get invited to a cruise party? Also, if you have worn a mermaid crown out, please let me know! I think we could be very good friends.


So the closest I’ll get to Pinterest-viral is probably glitter nails (if you pin this post). That and gorgeous jewellery.


Deborah Lippmann Mermaid's Kiss Nail Polish with Ruby Red Slippers

Just a couple of my holiday nail favourites.


Keep on dreaming,


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