Thursday Treat: Cassandra’s Simple Tip on Finding Joy in Life

by Roxanne C.


Cassandra Tan Cassansaurus Interview on The Skinny Scout


{Cassandra is another friend of mine who’s not that new in the blogging scene. She creates really trendy lookbooks on her blog, Cassansaurus, and has such an infectious smile! Girl also recently collaborated with H&M for their fall fashion lookbook this year. Here’s today’s mini interview with my babe, and I hope you find some small inspiration to keep going in life.}


TSS: Being a fashion blogger from Singapore, how do you cope with the humidity and heat?

C: It gets a little tricky especially since I love layering, so when I want to wear a piece of outerwear, such as an oversized denim jacket, I would pair it with a fabric that’s a little more breathable or just head somewhere that is air conditioned.


How to be Happy


TSS: How do you scout for and decide on new places to shoot at, especially for your campaigned outfit posts in your blog?

C: Firstly, I think about what kind of lookbook I’m shooting, such as chic or casual, as those are contributing factors. Next is the location, that must have easy access to a clean toilet or is air conditioned. It definitely makes huge difference because I usually shoot a few outfits at one go, since I can only do it on the weekends.


TSS: Your smile is contagious, babe. How would you encourage The Skinny Scout’s readers to find their joy in life?

C: Being appreciative helps, because we tend to consistently compare what we have to what others have (I do that too sometimes) and that does not make one feel better. Instead, when we start to be appreciative, we are able to be happy of what we have.


TSS: What are your favourite makeup products?

C: Lip and Eyebrow makeup items, because those are the one I can’t leave my home without. My favourites are the NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream and Etude House Drawing Eyebrows Pencil.