Review: The ANIA Skincare Moroccan Black Soap

by Roxanne C.


ANIA Skincare Moroccan Black Soap

The ANIA Skincare Moroccan Black Soap with Orange Blossom Oil and Eucalyptus Oil – and a part of my Nespresso stash.


I developed sensitive skin only in the last couple of years – I guess that’s what age does to you. And because of that, I’ve just gotten to be very specific when it comes to shower gels. No fragrance, no essential oils, nothing too strong or contains too many chemicals and nothing that will make me itch.


I was invited to give a couple of shower gels from ANIA Skincare a try, and I’m glad I did. Nothing wrong with switching up my daily routine every once in a while and trying new products to make showers more interesting.


The first one I tried was the MOROCCAN BLACK SOAP WITH ORANGE BLOSSOM OIL. You might be surprised when you pump the soap out of the bottle for the first time because the liquid soap is brown. Yep, the colour of our soil. Or natural homemade cough syrup, if you will. And then you’ll be tempted to take a whiff of it, you know, just to be sure. And you find out the scent’s actually quite light, so you go ahead and use it on your body.


Before you know it, you’re using more pumps of the soap than usual because it doesn’t lather – almost not at all. In fact, you’re not sure if it’s cleaning you. But then you turn the shower on again and after a few minutes later, you find your skin is squeaky clean, well-exfoliated and very smooth.


That’s what it was like for me the first time I used it. I tried the MOROCCAN BLACK SOAP WITH EUCALYPTUS OIL after a few weeks and the result was the same. To me, both shower gels look, feel and smell the same and the effect they each have on my skin doesn’t seem to differ either.


ANIA Skincare Moroccan Black Soap

Loving these two and I cannot bear to empty them!


In general, after using the soaps for a few weeks, they seem to have strengthened my skin’s immunity. The random dry patches on my legs that I’ve had for some time now itch less and don’t feel as dry as they did before I started using the soaps. I did notice, however, that when used daily, it can cause some slight flaking of the skin if you don’t have the habit of moisturising after your shower. I’m not surprised though, since Moroccan soap is meant to be exfoliating (on top of moisturising).


I’d recommend using this on alternate days, or, if you are looking to save, on days when you feel like you could do with a little more exfoliation without using a loofah. At the moment, ANIA Skincare is offering free local shipping in Singapore for all purchases with no minimum. At S$35 per 220ml bottle, I’d say it’s worth a try, especially if you’ve got sensitive skin like me. You can also check out my review of the brand’s Argan Oil.


Shower on,