Thursday Treat: Eunice on How to Start a Skincare Routine Like a Pro

by Roxanne C.


Eunice Chow on The Skinny Scout


{I love meeting new people, and Eunice is just one of the bloggers I’ve recently gotten to know. She’s based in Malaysia, which is so close by, but what draw anyone to her blog are her tips on shopping in Korea. Woo hoo! You can head over to her blog, Pretty Little Petite, to read all about her travels. In this entry, find out what her tips are on how to start a skincare routine.}


TSS: You recently travelled to Korea. What are your favourite Korean beauty trend and beauty tip?

E: As the hallyu or Korean wave hits foreign shores, Korean skincare trends have also taken the world by storm, infiltrating both Asian and Western markets and influencing beauty routines and skincare regimens. Most Korean skincare products are known for utilising natural ingredients in their formulation, suiting Asian skin types. I really love how brands like Skin Food and Innisfree creatively categorise their product ranges according to the natural ingredients.

As for Korean cosmetic trends, I love their lip tint and cushion products! Korean lip tints are minimalistic and long lasting, and they are usually presented in sweet and elegant colours. Lip tints do a great job in completing my daily makeup look. I like the cushion concept that the Koreans have incorporated in their beauty products, which produces a more evenly distributed and lightweight application. Aside from the highly raved BB cushion compact, you may even get cushion cream blushers and cushion lipsticks.

My all-time favourite beauty tip is hydration, which is always the key to beautiful and supple skin. As I have oily skin, hydration is important to maintain the moisture balance of my skin and reduce sebum production.

Most Korean beauty products have hydrating properties. Sleeping masks or sheet masks are the best ways to achieve a quick hydration boost for your skin. I like how Koreans utilise facial masks as a daily essential in their skincare routine. Facial masks are practically everywhere in Korea and they are very affordable. Personally, I have tried using sheet masks every day for a week and it does show great results on my skin.


Eunice Chow on The Skinny Scout


TSS: How has your beauty routine evolved over the past 5 years?

E: During my teenage years, I used drugstore skincare products that mostly contained harsh chemicals which caused some minor breakouts on my skin. My routine was simple: mostly cleansing, toning, and moisturising. Soon, my daily beauty routine evolved tremendously to a point where I was introduced to Korean products through a Malaysia-based e-commerce beauty website, Hermo. From there, I discovered many basic Korean skincare essentials which made me very interested in experimenting with them on my skin! I began to add more steps in my routine: essence/serum, exfoliation, masks. It has been a great journey these past years of getting to know the nature of my skin and also what’s best for my skin type.


TSS: Do you have any tips for someone who is just starting out on her own skincare routine?

E: It is crucial to know your skin type prior to planning your skincare routine. It is not advisable to simply follow beauty trends that might not suit your skin condition without conducting prior research.

Regardless of skin types, the basic skin care routine should consist of cleansing, exfoliating, toning, moisturising, sun protection, nourishing your face with essences or serums, and pampering your face with a mask. Different skin types have different needs. Thus, there will be different products used in the steps above. For instance, it is better to use gel-based or water-based moisturisers for oily skin, as the formulation is non greasy. Certain skin care products contain ingredients which are known to be beneficial for a specific skin type, such as hyaluronic acid for dry skin. As beauty goes beyond skin deep, don’t forget about the basic healthy lifestyle habits that can assure you naturally glowing skin!


TSS: If you were ever stuck on an island, what is the one beauty item you definitely must have?

E: Moisturiser! Best with sun protection properties. As previously explained, hydration is crucial at all times and definitely not to be missed, especially if I ever got stuck on an island.