How to Pick a Watch – What is Your Watch Story?

by Roxanne C.


Kapten and Son Silver Black Leather Campina


Sitting down with my daily coffee placed right in front of me, I’m wondering when the first time I got introduced to the concept of watches was. Looking back, I think I might still have been in primary school when my parents bought me my first watch ever – a kid-friendly Swatch with a flat dial. I don’t know what’s happened to it since (probably got lost among all the other toys and children’s stuff we used to have), but only now do I appreciate the fact that they actually got me, a kid, a Swatch.


The second time they got me a watch was a basic, classic Seiko with a black strap that I’d picked at the store, and that was when I was leaving the country to Canada for half a year. And for every exam that I sat for, I’d borrow a small gold watch from my mother to help me keep track of time (oh God forbid, you sit behind a pillar that blocks your view of the clock on the wall). Of course, I do get my own watch every now and then in between those times, but they were just for fun, something to accessorise with.


Now, my relationship with watches has grown deeper. It’s not just how I feel about wearing a watch that has changed, but also how I look at others who wear one (or not).


I’ve since learnt that a watch speaks volumes about you as a person. And since we instinctively judge others upon first meeting them (I see this more as a survival instinct than anything else that could be ill-minded), a good watch can add to the reputation you’re trying to build. And I’m not just saying that. It’s been scientifically proven that watch-wearers have a higher level of conscientiousness, are more punctual and have lower levels of extraversion and openness.


So what should you look out for when picking a watch and how should you wear it? To start, if you can only have one watch, I’d strongly advise you to get one that will make an impact in a professional setting. It doesn’t need to be one with a metal or leather strap, and neither does it need to be an expensive Swiss watch. Pick something that will go with most of your work outfits and that can also give you a “don’t-mess-with-me” look when you’re off work. I call this your Signature Watch.


My current Signature Watch was a present from Mr. Ratatouille some months back, and it’s a Fossil with a rose gold metal dial and similar toned leather straps. I love it because it’s small enough for my tiny wrist and the straps fit just nice without me having to get it shortened at an horologist.


When Kapten and Son asked if I would like to give their watches a go, I knew I had to pick something different that would suit other occasions and give some variation to my other outfits.


Knowing what you want in a watch is the first step to picking the right one.



I knew I wanted something classy and edgy and that wasn’t rose gold or gold. It would have to fit my lifestyle (and the width of my wrist, of course) and present me in the way I wanted others to perceive me – as someone professional and career-driven, and who also loves adventures and risks. And finally, for aesthetic reasons, I knew I wanted one with a black leather strap. After much consideration, I picked the SILVER BLACK LEATHER CAMPINA.


Kapten and Son Silver Black Leather Campina


How to Wear a Watch


When the watch arrived in the mail, it came well-packaged in a brown box and watch cushion, surrounded by a fluffy paper strip bedding. The folks at Kapten and Son also included a little screw which would come in handy if I ever wanted or needed to change the straps myself.


I wore this watch in my recent trip to New York and love how it complemented and finished every single one of my outfits. Now that I’m back in Singapore, I alternate between this and my other Fossil watch based on what else I’m wearing. I love having options when it comes to accessorising, and I’ve already got an idea of the next watch design I’d like to have!


One final tip before you go: When wearing a watch, make sure it sits nicely just under the ulna, which is the little bone that protrudes on the outside of your wrist.


If you ever want to consider getting yourself or someone else a Kapten and Son, they currently offer free shipping in Asia. You can check them out here and discover their entire collection of watches. So tell me now, what is your watch story?


Dress well and succeed,



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Kapten and Son Silver Black Leather Campina

How to Pick a Watch