Thursday Treat: Juliana on Balancing Beauty with a Busy Life as an Entrepreneur

by Roxanne C.


Juliana Chong on The Skinny Scout


{Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy, but being one while looking good at the same time is even harder. I got to know Juliana through the beauty that is blogging many years back, and can’t help feeling she’s such an inspiration to women everywhere who just want to lead life on their own terms. She owns local studio Honeyz Paint House, which caters to events such as maternity shoots, ROM and even movie nights. I asked her some beauty questions and got her to share her daily beauty routine.}


“True beauty comes from within.”


TSS: You’ve started your own company and are recently dealing with home renovations. How has being an entrepreneur changed the way you see beauty?

J: Yeap. 2016 has been a very eventful year for me. This is a very interesting question. Entrepreneurship makes you think outside the box and see everything in a different light. You literally get inspired by every story and every encounter. It has opened my eyes and given me a broader view of the world and of course, also our beloved beauty industry.

The most important thing I’ve learnt is that beauty has no boundaries. It’s all in the eyes of the beholder. So when I create beauty-related products or services, I always remind myself to make room for my customers and audience’s own take on beauty. This may mean giving them a platform to share and network with other like-minded beauty lovers as well as an avenue to express themselves creatively. It could be done in the form of online and offline events or even through my very own beauty encyclopedia,

Like entrepreneurship, beauty is both a science and an art. The science measures and the art creates. The ideas and possibilities are endless. And this is my renewed perception of beauty.


TSS: Tell us about your daily beauty routine!

J: Besides the usual 3-step routine – wash, tone and moisturise – I also clean my lashes with eyelid care wipes to get rid of the unseen gunk between my lashes. This not only prevents lash loss, it also keeps the styes and chalazions away. They say the eyes are the windows to our soul so it’s important that we take extra care of our precious little peepers too, right?

Additionally, I also protect my face from harmful sun rays with sunblock before I go out in the day and you bet I also make sure I get at least seven hours of beauty sleep every night.

As the saying goes, the best foundation you can wear is healthy glowing skin!


TSS: Could you give some advice to The Skinny Scout’s readers on what they can do when they feel like they’ve woken up on the wrong side of the bed?

J: Go back to bed. I’m just kidding.

Wake up, refresh yourself, make yourself a nice cup of coffee and watch some cute pet videos to lift your spirits.

True beauty comes from within. When you’re happy and confident, those positive thoughts will shine through your entire face too. Life is too short and you can never predict what’s going to happen to you from this minute to the next so don’t falter and let’s treasure every second.


TSS: You’ve had many changes done to your hair. Any tips on keeping your mane healthy and luscious?

J: Replace your regular conditioner with an intensive hair treatment mask. Trust me, you’ll be surprised at how soft and luscious your hair gets after a few days.

Don’t forget to also visit your hairstylist regularly to trim those frizzy ends. Finally, load up on the fluids and maintain a balanced diet. Not only your hair, but your body will thank you too.

All the best to achieving your Rapunzel hair dreams!