Wednesday Musing: I Went Skincare-Free for an Entire Week and Lived to Tell the Tale

by Roxanne C.


I went Skincare-free for a Week and Lived to Tell the Tale


You know those days when you’re just too tired to do anything? Yep, even non-parents get them too.


And it happened to me quite recently, which led me to wonder how it must have felt to be a guy, to enjoy all the convenience that guys generally live with – like not having to put on skincare at the end of the day. Or actually, make that not putting on skincare at all, for that matter.


So I thought I’d give it a try. And if you don’t make it to the end of this entry, I now wish I could have the ease of being lazy and not feel guilty about it. I penned down my thoughts during the week I went skincare-free, and here they are in all their glory.


Sunday Night

You know what, I’m too lazy to put on eye cream tonight. Mainly because I can’t find it – must have placed it somewhere else while I was doing my flat lay this afternoon. I guess one night without it shouldn’t be a problem. My skin looks good enough, so I don’t need a pimple gel either. I’m also starting to think the new moisturiser is breaking me out but I can’t confirm it, so I guess I’ll just skip it for the night. My skin is super oily anyway and oily skin does age slower than others!


Monday Morning

My skin looks fine even though we slept in an air conditioned room. Oh my God, are those tiny crow’s feet showing? Maybe I’m just seeing things or being paranoid. But will keep that in check.


Monday Night

Hmm, it seems like my face is getting more oily without my skincare, especially in the T-zone. I can’t last a day without wiping some of it off my computer glasses (the parts that sits on my nose bridge). But overall, nothing much of note yet.


Tuesday Morning

Oh my God, I’ve got a weird line under my right eye. It doesn’t even go in the direction that wrinkles are supposed to go. Why is it perpendicular to the fine lines I’ve got? *rubs it gently with a finger* Hey, it’s gone now. Whatever that was, I’m a bit scared now. I’m a side sleeper! If I get a line that doesn’t go away with a slight rub, I’m pretty sure it means it’s never going away.


Tuesday Night

Resist the eye cream (that’s still in it’s godforsaken place, which makes things easier). Oh my God. I have two new pimples and I don’t know what caused them. Resist the pimple gel – don’t even look at it!


Wednesday Morning

My skin feels tight after cleansing and without moisturising. The pimples are gone! Wait, what? Does my skin actually heal itself so quickly? Anyway, there’s no weird line under my eye today so that’s good. I’m still finding it hard to not want to apply some eye cream though.


Wednesday Night

OK if I use a scrub, it doesn’t count. I only use it as and when I feel like it anyway, and it’s not as if I do a scrub more than once a week. I don’t think this counts as cheating – even if this one does leave on a moisturising film.


Thursday Morning

My skin feels like a man’s. It’s a little rougher but also a bit tougher than normal. I wonder if it’s dead skin cells. I don’t think I used my Clarisonic last night. Oh gosh, there are lines under my eyes. These are the ones that normally appear when I stop using my eye cream and now they’re at it again.


Thursday Night

My skin feels so oily after a whole day of not touching anything. So glad my facial cleanser alone can deal with that! It may be a few more nights to go before I can start using my skincare again but I’m liking the convenience of not having to apply stuff after cleansing. This must be what it’s like to be a guy.


Friday Morning

I’m going on the Genting Dream today, so I’m going to make sure I look good for photos. 4 days without any skincare hasn’t killed my skin in any way, fortunately, and I won’t need any extra concealer.


Friday Night

Wait, it’s only Friday? I thought it was already Saturday. My skin still feels OK, like how it normally is, and I’m starting to wonder if I actually do need any nightly moisturiser at all. One thing’s for sure though – I’m never skipping eye cream again once this is over.


Saturday Morning

Yes. It’s already Saturday. One more day to go. I’m not sure I can take this much longer.


Saturday Night

Tomorrow night I’ll be able to apply my skincare again! I can’t wait!


Sunday Morning

Yes, it’s Sunday! And this morning will be the final morning when I don’t apply skincare at all. I’m going to miss the convenience but I’m definitely not missing the paranoia that’s going on in my head. Wrinkles, you will be gone tonight!


Needless to say, I have returned to my daily and nightly skincare routine, and am currently trying to incorporate sunscreen for the daytime. Wish me luck!


Be gorgeous,



I went Skincare-free for a Week and Lived to Tell the Tale
I went Skincare-free for a Week and Lived to Tell the Tale
I went Skincare-free for a Week and Lived to Tell the Tale