Wednesday Musing: How the KonMari Method Improved My Life Forever

by Roxanne C.
KonMari Method of Decluttering Your Makeup via The Skinny Scout

The days before I finally got down to giving the KonMari method a go, I had been running out of storage space for my lipsticks. And lip glosses, and blushes, and brushes, and eyeshadow palettes and skincare products. Some of these were self-bought, many were given by companies. And because our apartment isn’t exactly spacious, when things start to pile up, YOU NOTICE.


I decided it was time I take a good look at my makeup stash and do what Marie did: Get rid of what didn’t make me happy and keep whatever that did. And in case you’re thinking of becoming a Konvert yourself, I must tell you that it’s really easier than it seems.


I was so ready to get started. Even before I sat myself down at the side of my bed and drew open my wardrobe, my heart was fluttering with excitement. Imagine how much more space I’d finally have! All I needed to do to be able to see all my makeup at a glance again was to first get rid of all the expired makeup and everything else that had given me an allergic reaction in the past. If there was going to be something which had a scent I didn’t like, in the bin it would go. If it was too good to let go, I’d put it in my “Giveaway Box” and hope it finds a better owner.


Until I realised that out of all the things I needed to get rid of, only half were considered expired or unsuitable for gifting. The rest of them were not, and I would have given them away if I didn’t think they could be used as pretty props in my photos. So nope, I didn’t end up actually giving anything away. Instead, I now have some good ideas for new photoshoots and my “Giveaway Box” has been renamed my “Props Box.”


Nevertheless, my makeup wardrobe is a bit emptier and it’s so much easier to pick out what I need for the day. And thanks to the KonMari method of purging the unnecessary, I’ve discovered my fresh, new daily go-to look. It consists of the following steps, after skincare:

  1. Apply sunblock. I’m sadly guilty of frequently skipping this.
  2. Apply foundation.
  3. Apply my KIKO MILANO LONG LASTING STICK EYESHADOW in Rosy Brown or Golden taupe.
  4. If I want eyeliner, apply the same eyeshadow stick in Dark Taupe on the outer corners of my eyes.
  5. Curl my lashes.
  6. Apply mascara.
  7. Apply blush.
  8. Fill in my brows.
  9. Apply lip colour. I love my JOUER COSMETICS LONG-WEAR LIP CREME LIQUID LIPSTICK for this. It lasts all day!


You have no idea how relieved I’ve felt ever since I started this routine. It takes no longer than 20 minutes from start to finish, and I look appropriately made up for whatever occasion I find myself in. If I’m heading out, all I bring in my touch-up pouch are my foundation and lip colour (apart from the other necessities, like facial wipes). If I’m travelling, I take just what I need, instead of countless palettes. Because I now know exactly which products I need, applying my makeup is such a breeze.


I’d love to try the KonMari Method on my wardrobe one day and I think going through my jewellery collection next is a good place to start. After all, you’re supposed to tidy up each section of your life separately so that you don’t get overwhelmed. Although Marie recommends starting with clothes, I really had more makeup than shirts to throw away (and besides, we have a habit of reviewing our clothing quite regularly at home).


My best tip is to detach yourself emotionally from everything you’re about to go through and only keep the ones that you really love. Will it change your life like it has changed mine? Let’s just say that I think you’ll get addicted to it.


Be free,



KonMari Method of Decluttering Your Makeup via The Skinny Scout