Can You Survive Without Coffee for a Day?

by Roxanne C.
Girl Boss Roxanne C. with Trouvée.Co

Hands up if you don’t need coffee to get through the daily grind. Nobody? I thought so.


I have this weird love affair with coffee. I love how sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t. I love the way it smells, and the way a good cup of mocha tastes.


But I also dislike the foam that comes with latte, which is why I’m not really a fan. If your coffee is only half cup full, how ever are you going to stay awake for the 5000 things you need to manage? Not to mention the whipped cream that comes on top of iced mocha, which never does anyone any good, so thank goodness the Starbucks baristas always ask me if I’d like it with my drink.


Girl Boss Roxanne C. with Trouvée.Co


Girl Boss Roxanne C. with Trouvée.Co
Girl Boss Roxanne C. with Trouvée.Co




Clutch and Shoes: KOREA


Although I need a good, solid cup of caffeine every day, I don’t take more than a coffee and a tea within 24 hours. Do you sometimes feel like skipping coffee entirely for a day makes you kind of healthy? Because I do – and I also do not. I know, it’s complicated.


Skipping it means I get to detox from all the caffeine inside of me, but at the same time, with medical experts saying that one cup a day is good for your health, you just don’t know what to believe in anymore. Except maybe to live in moderation. Yes, I think that shall be my mantra for the rest of my life.


Girl Boss Roxanne C. with Trouvée.Co


One thing is for sure: That even without coffee, you can do things. You may feel crappy, like your brain doesn’t function anymore and you don’t look as cool walking down the street. You don’t look like a real girl boss without that cup in your hand. You don’t seem accomplished. I completely understand.


But you know what? Your achievements speak for themselves. Going a few days without coffee is fine because when you’re the leader of your destiny, there are times when you have to do the dirty job. You’re going to have to roll up those sleeves, wear that drab shirt and ugly boots and get down to work – hard. And at the end of that one moment, you’ll look like you’ve just run a marathon in the 40-degree Cambodian heat. That’s also OK, it’s all part of the game, because when your results show, that’s when you can pay for that coffee and show it off to the world with your smile.


You don’t need coffee to be that strong, independent woman you are. I mean, what’s coffee? Just another human invention designed to take your money. Besides, it stains your teeth so you always need those whitening kits.


It also smells really good, puts you in a good mood whether you’re seen with it or not, and gives you a valid reason to take a break from the immense pressure mounting at your desk.


The thing is, whether you take coffee or not, the strength to do whatever it takes is inside you. If you need coffee to help you along, then take it. If you don’t (for the day), then don’t. I personally think it’s great – OK I may be addicted to having one cup a day – and it’s a perfect way to have a quick work meeting outside of the office.


Oh, and in case you were wondering, the photos in this blog entry were taken on a day I didn’t have coffee.


Let’s do this together,



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