New Year, New Me – A Self-Introduction!

by Roxanne C.
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This is officially the first post of the year for me; The previous one was about events that happened when we crossed over to the new year but now that things are in full swing, I thought I’d introduce myself to you again (if you’re a longtime follower) or for the first time (if you’re new, in which case, hello *waves excitedly*).


So, who am I? I’m not the person I was yesterday, neither am I the one who existed just a second before (yes I know, too much Jostein Gaarder). 2017 was the year I reinvented myself. I did a major overhaul of my life and this year is when I feel like the fruits of my past labour will come into being. Without dwelling too much into the past, this is the new me:


Hi, my name is Roxanne and I’m, well, a lot of things. I used to teach, am currently a private educator (need help in Chemistry?), a jewellery brand owner (pop by if you love gemstones and sterling silver) and as of today, an official realtor living in Singapore (I literally got the call yesterday that my application was approved). I’m also a blogger, as you can tell, but I blog much less now than say, a year or two ago. Blogging used to be something I tried to make a side career out of, but now I find more pleasure in it being just a hobby and for connecting with like-minded people like you.


I am new to manifesting, started sometime in September last year, and the whole experience has been nothing but magical for me. I’m not super into it, like Yoni egg-crazy, but I believe in the law of attraction and the fact that there is abundance in the world for everybody. I want to be successful and I believe that I am (and will be even more so in the future), and I also wish that everybody around me will be the same. I wish for happiness, pure joy and satisfaction for you, whoever you are that’s reading this!


I’m so over competition – I used to be that “challenge accepted” kind of person for every single thing out there. Blame it on my Asian roots and the ambitious perfectionist in me. I used to (selfishly) believe that for me to succeed, others must fail. But since being introduced to the law of abundance and attraction, I believe that one cannot rise without the rise of others around you. So now, I believe in succeeding together in our different paths, achieving different (or same) life goals.


I love positivity and everything that comes with it. Pilates gives my body and mind a new life after each session, and I’m doing it three times a week (because aging). I love stylish activewear, though I won’t spend hundreds on an outfit for sweating it out. A good mat is another thing altogether.


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Talking about style, I live and breathe it. Everyone’s style is different and I’m comfortable with mine. I don’t do well with jealousy and all that kind of stuff, and neither am I particularly good in decoding girl codes. My brain is quite the tomboy brain – think your typical heterosexual guy mixed with an unexplained love for girly, sparkly things. I’m fiercely independent because I’ve learnt through experience that if someone can give you something, they can also take it away.


Waiting around for others is something I don’t waste my time on, so for example, if someone agrees to meet but leaves out the details on our date/appointment, I move on with my own life. If they call back, then we can set another date. If they don’t, it was right to have moved on.


I love exploring new places, new cities, new cuisines, new cultures. Singapore may be tiny, but so many people travel here, so I get to meet all these wonderful beings as well, and they keep me occupied till my next trip. I love hearing your stories (you all have so many exciting ones!!) and I realise that people can connect on so many levels once the language barrier is broken. That’s why I learn French and am trying to improve my level of Chinese. Maybe after this, I’ll pick up Korean too, seeing that I can already read the alphabet and know some words (self-taught, so proud of myself).


I love knowledge even though there isn’t enough time to remember everything there is to know about the world. I love science, debates, cooking and good food. I eat healthy most of the time and don’t find it a challenge at all. I love kids, even teenagers, and my time spent with them never fails to uplift me no matter how downtrodden I feel before seeing them. The young are magical.


While I can’t live without coffee, I never get more than 1 cup of a good brew and 1 cup of decaff in a day. I always get my beauty sleep whenever possible because I believe that health is the most important thing in the world – if you lose your health, you lose every single thing in your life and why would you risk that if you haven’t lived enough?


Dior Souffle de Soie via The Skinny Scout

Makeup | Kiko Milano, Marc Jacobs Beauty, Christian Dior & Rimmel
Jewellery | Trouvée.Co


Favourite style and beauty brands? I don’t exactly have them, since I stick to whatever pieces that fit me and make me feel good (and look like I’m going to conquer the world, duh). If you must know, the one beauty item I can never live without is powder/compact foundation. Oh hang on, make that two things because I need my eye cream as well. Technology? I love it and if you do too, you need to read this article thread on Wait But Why, introduced to me by Xav, the best boyfriend in the world who knows me more than I know myself.


I’m staying off social media as far as possible, because I’m really much more into real-life interactions now. Switching off and disconnecting every time we go in the mountains or somewhere in the midst of nature has always been so rewarding to me, that I cannot see why I would want to embed myself in social media any more than I need to (mostly for business).


Dusty pink is my favourite colour and the Siberian Husky is my dream pet. But since we’re in Singapore, the Retriever is a better choice. I love animals in general, but I will stand and watch a cockroach struggle under my mist of pesticide to make sure it dies (you have no idea how many times my modesty has been outraged by them). We’re planning to get our own place this year – buying it instead of renting, like how we are now, so I really need to work super hard. I love writing and reading, and am currently in the middle of the His Dark Materials trilogy (nobody spoil it for me!).


And now is the part where I say: Enough about me, what about you?