You’ll Like This if You Love the Scent of Coconut

by Roxanne C.
Dani Coconut Hibiscus Fragrance Diffuser on The Skinny Scout

Dani Naturals Coconut Hibiscus Fragrance Diffuser on The Skinny Scout

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Reed Diffuser | Dani Naturals Coconut Hibiscus Fragrance Diffuser


The scent of coconut to me is moisturising, creamy and luxurious. That’s why when I first saw this diffuser while randomly window shopping, I decided to get it to replace my current one (from another brand) that’s running out. Smelling coconut while working at my home office desk must be quite the experience!


The bottle is a good size – not too bulky and still stores a good amount of essential oil. It comes with 10 diffuser sticks but I currently use 3 at a time because 5 was too much. If you haven’t used oil diffusers, the more sticks you place in the bottle, the more oil is diffused, and the stronger the scent. 5 sticks for our little apartment proved to be a bit suffocating for the entire place.


I’m in love with this pleasant find! It’s priced at S$48 per bottle – I only managed to find it in one size. It should last 2-3 months. Seeing that I’ve only just started using it, I’ll report back when it’s finished.


What’s in Dani Naturals?

100% vegetable oil bases, pure soy waxes, essential oils and organic ingredients.


What’s not in Dani Naturals?

Petroleum (which I’ve found myself to be allergic to), phthalates, parabens, artificial colours, dyes, animal by-products or sodium or ammonia laurel/laureth sulfates.


Where can you find this?

Bud Cosmetics. I found the store while randomly window shopping, waiting for the boyfriend to get his haircut. It was a mini heaven for me because all the products sold in there are certified natural or organic. You’ll find global brands like John Masters Organics and Myrtle and Moss. Last I checked, Bud offers free local shipping for orders above S$50 online.


If you do make a purchase, let me know what you got! I’d love to find out what your recommendations are.


Love the world you’re in,