My First (and Definitely not Last) Property Guide Videos!

by Roxanne C.
Roxanne Chia Realty - Home Loan Refinancing

Busy busy busy! Apart from planning for our wedding (date’s finally fixed), I’ve been spending the past couple of weeks thinking about the direction I want my career to head towards. Should I focus more on my real estate career or my jewellery business, TrouvĂ©e.Co? Should I do both with equal commitment and if not, which one should I spend more effort and time on? I got stuck but thankfully managed to speak with someone who shared her insights with me, which helped me make a proper decision instead of staying in limbo.


I’m not sure if you’re aware but I’ve recently started making videos to give tips on property investing (in Singapore). I really enjoy making these videos; sharing this information with you guys is something I really like doing, and I feel like they add some value to your lives! I guess the teacher in me will never really die.


So here I am, sharing my latest two videos, all published on my real estate Facebook page. The first one is a Live that I did, but not many people turned up because y’all are all still so busy when the sky has this golden glow. So for the second video, I decided to just properly edit it and upload it with words, tables, captions and all. Tell me which you prefer!




If these videos have helped you in some way, do share them with your friends and families. Let’s reach as many people as possible, and learn and grow together! If there are some topics you’ll like me to touch on, just leave me a comment on any of my videos/photos on my Facebook page or Instagram, or drop me a DM on Facebook.


Looking forward to establishing this new relationship with you guys!