Eyelash Extensions Tips: Before Heading to the Salon

by Roxanne C.
Roxanne Chia The Skinny Scout Bali Luxmiere Beauty

Eyelash extension care actually starts from before you head to the salon, especially if you want them to last. I had a prior experience about a year back that didn’t go so well: My extensions were way too full, heavy, in clumps, didn’t look natural, started dropping off the very night I got them done and didn’t last long enough. It was enough to make me feel like I would never get lash extensions done ever again.

But when Luxmiere Beauty contacted me to ask if I wanted to give their beauty services a try, I decided I would give lash extensions another go (and just in time for my Bali trip too). And I’m so glad I did!

The salon itself at Plaza Singapura is pretty small, with only one slot that I could see for a lash extension appointment each time (on top of their other services like manicures). So, I was the only one getting her lashes done when I was there.

Before my session, I showed the beauty therapist some pictures I’d saved on my phone of the outcome I’d like to have. I wanted lashes that had length and curl but less volume. I also wanted something that looked natural and had a criss-cross, dolly effect. This meant longer lashes in the middle of each eye, instead of on the outer ends (which would give a more sultry/sexy effect).

To be honest, I have no idea how the different lash types would differ in reality, and neither do I know how lash length measurements look like either. I just left her to do her thing.

I think I fell asleep for a short while during the painless process. However, my eyes are sensitive by nature, and I teared quite a bit due to the glue coming in close contact, despite the fact that Luxmiere Beauty uses gentle glue. I did not get any other allergic reaction, which is great.

The Final Result

My lashes looked as you see in the pictures above. They were not heavy at all, and felt really soft and looked so natural! I’m in love! Maybe it’s because I’m used to wearing Ardell’s Wispies (the best-looking, most comfortable falsies out there, at least for Asian eyes). But honestly, there were so many times that I forgot they were there had I not looked in the mirror!
As I’m writing this, it’s been almost 4 whole weeks since the extensions were added. They’ve started to fall off – which is normal – but they still look so natural. And my original lashes have not fallen off with the extensions.

I was given what I had asked for, and I couldn’t be happier. This is especially so when there are many beauty companies out there who just want to showcase their “best” or “most complicated” work without really considering what us bloggers want. Luxmiere Beauty gave me what I wanted, even though they could have gone with something with more volume (or something that wasn’t yet in their portfolio, IDK) so that it showed up better in photos. For that, I’m so thankful, and will return as a paying customer in future when I wanna get my lashes done again.

And yes, I do have some tips to share so that you go prepared to the lash salon.

1. Have an idea.

Have an idea of the final look you want the therapist to give you. It’s OK if you don’t know whether it’s 3D or 6D lashes and C curl – that’s up to the them to decide. You just need to show them several photos (they’re easy to save from IG), and be specific in your request.

2. Don’t touch water.

Don’t let water any where near your face for the next 4-6 hours following a treatment. Plan your schedule before making your appointment. I recommend getting your lash extensions done in the morning or early afternoon, so you have enough time to avoid washing your face right after. It’s best if you don’t even need eye makeup after your session and can go about your schedule with bare eyes.
Better yet, clear your schedule and just go window shopping or high tea. Also, skip the sappy Korean dramas.

3. Have a non-oil based makeup remover.

If you don’t have one yet, make sure you get one for your nightly routine before getting lash extensions. Oil-based makeup remover will cause your extensions to fall off faster, which means an overall waste of money. I currently use Solved Skincare’s Coconut Water Cleansing Foam and quite like it. You can see it in store here.

4. Bring along your brow makeup.

During the lash extension session, some light tape will be used. If you draw your brows before heading out, I recommend bringing along your eyebrow makeup/pencil/powder so you can touch up after the session.

5. Get them done a week before your trip.

Most salons allow a free retouch if your lashes don’t last within the first week (but check with them first before you book your appointment). If you’re planning to get your extensions done for a trip, I recommend making your appointment about 5-7 days before you leave.

If you’d like to give Luxmiere Beauty a try, they are located at:
Plaza Singapura, #04-38, 68 Orchard Road, S238839, Singapore
You can call them at +65 6337 7966 for appointments and to enquire about their services.

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