Gold Glitter Holiday Makeup Tutorial

by Roxanne C.
Gold Glitter Holiday Makeup 2019

I posted a preview snap of this look on Instagram a few days back and got quite a few positive responses, so here it is today! This tutorial features the products I had bought in my previous unboxing video.

I don’t know how or why, but whenever I buy makeup (or clothes, bags, shoes etc), I seem to instinctively buy items that go well together, or that go well with what I already own. I don’t necessarily put much thought into it, it just happens.

For this look, I pair gold glitter with neutral lips. You can also go bold with a red lip and it wouldn’t be overkill. I wore this look to the PAYOT media event earlier in the week and love how the glitter stood out in the warm indoor lighting.

You can’t really make out the entire look from photos (and it also looks way better under artificial lighting than natural daylight), which is something that makes me wonder just how much makeup celebrities have on to look *that* good in photos taken from afar. I’ve got on foundation, blush, tons of eye makeup, falsies, and even contour and all you see is… an overall OK look.

PAYOT Media Launch Singapore 2019
At the PAYOT event. I need new clothes. Always wearing the same outfits everywhere. ?

I dropped by a Dior store quickly after the event to check out the Lady Dior bag and took a couple of mirror selfies. You can’t tell exactly what makeup I’ve got on either, just an overall smokey eye look with some “eye shimmer.”

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So here are some close-up shots I took at home under my “hotel room” lighting.

Gold Glitter Holiday Makeup 2019
Gold Glitter Holiday Makeup 2019
Gold Glitter Holiday Makeup 2019

I hope you’ll wear a similar look to your Thanksgiving, Christmas or NYE parties! Go look AMAZING with the champagne bubbles and well-gelled nails, lady! xx