Unboxing My Charles & Keith Online Purchase

by Roxanne C.
Charles & Keith Bag Unboxing

So apparently all it takes is one very terrible weekend after a terribly long week to make me get superbly obsessed over handbags and buy something off a website I’ve never shopped at.

Yep, I got a handbag from local brand Charles & Keith, and I must say that I can’t be more satisfied with the experience!

I had originally wanted to get a Balenciaga City bag in the pink shade but decided against it because it probably wouldn’t go with a majority of my outfits. However, a pink C&K bag would work just fine.

I placed my order on a Sunday evening and the bag arrived via a Ninjavan courier the very next morning, while I was still struggling to get out of bed after a night of feeds. Talk about a great start to a Monday.

Here’s the video. Sorry about the grainy effect. I’m still trying to get my home “studio” set-up settled. I can’t film in the same room as the baby in case I wake her during her naps too. I do what I can!

If you want to get the bag, it’s the Large Structured City Bag in pink.

I kind of like the way my makeup turned out in here as well. Might do another tutorial for this look. I seldom wear my eyes lined this much because I’ve always felt that it made me seem stern, but now that I’m watching myself in the video, it looks pretty good!

Life update: I bought a Christmas tree for our home! I’m just super excited about it because I’ve *always* wanted a Christmas tree, because Christmas has always been my *absolute favourite* time of the year. And this year, we finally have an apartment with enough space for one. I can’t wait to get started!

If you’re interested, I bought it off Mason. Now I can finally, actually, buy Christmas tree deco pieces and not just look at how pretty they are.

I’m trying to decide if I should film vlogs too but I’m unsure if you guys would watch them. I could start with my Christmas tree decoration! While I mull over this, why don’t you head on over to my blog post on how being a mum has changed my life.