Wardrobe Revamp: Comfy Loungewear

by Roxanne C.
Comfy Loungewear Haul via Roxanne Says

It’s time for my wardrobe revamp!

I’ve been meaning to do one since about a year ago but the Universe had other plans for me. I got pregnant, so I said bye bye to shopping for normal clothes. Everything was either maternity wear, or loose, stretchy items like knit tops and flowy dresses.

But now that I’m back to my pre-preg body and we’re all staying in quite a bit more now, I figured it was time to finally get things going! I’m starting with my stay-in loungewear – because I am still wearing my maternity clothes (will you believe it).

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I bought these all via Cotton On’s 30% off site-wide sale, so I saved quite a bit. What I did was to go in store and physically try out all the items, noted down the sizes and then bought them online. It can be quite troublesome, especially since I bought quite a few pieces, but the sizing at Cotton On isn’t exactly uniform, so it’s better to be safe (I explain more in the video).

I stuck to basic tank tops and shorts because these are really all I wear in Singapore’s weather. I love a good tank top because I can pair it with shorts, skirts or pants and they will still look good. As for the shorts, they’re one step up from exercise shorts (FBTs are my default go-to) and I can wear them to the beach, park, nearby mall or even to my parents’ place during the weekends.

Comfy Loungewear Tank Top Roxanne Says


If you like this video, let me know if you’d like to see more. If there are things you want to see more of on the blog, let me know as well. I’m looking to blog more often, so would gladly welcome any suggestions!