My Quarantine Makeup & Style Video Tutorial

by Roxanne C.
Everyday Quarantine Makeup & Style by Roxanne Says

Staying home doesn’t mean we have to dress and live like slobs all the time. We’ve still got meetings to attend, even though they may be virtual now.

But that’s what make staying home bearable. At least we still get to interact with other humans and get things done. So, it’s important we still look the part!

Maybe we don’t have to think about what shoes to wear on the commute to work anymore, and maybe we don’t need to worry about not wearing knee-length skirts. But people can still see us from the waist up, and so that’s where we need to focus our attention on.

Here’s my quarantine makeup tutorial if you need inspiration for an easy look. Hey, we’ve all got time to put on false lashes in the mornings now! We can skip the OTT chandelier earrings – they’re never a great idea for work – and replace them with easy studs. And no one will ever see us just post-lunch because we can always swipe our lippies on before the camera goes live.

More details on the makeup and style after the video below.

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The liquid foundation is my current go-to foundation. I have emptied a bottle several times and I keep going back to it. It’s so buildable and I only apply a minimal amount, concentrating on the center of my face and the freckles on my cheekbones. I find that applying it with a sponge leaves a much more even finish than with a brush, especially since I have humongous pores. Finishing it with a light dusting of my Revlon Photoready Powder helps to set it in place and allows this base to last almost the entire day with only about 1-2 blotting with a facial tissue. I don’t use concealer as I don’t have major skin issues or scars. Even if my freckles show through a little, I’m perfectly fine with that!


I love this budget find! Recently featured it in my drugstore makeup haul blog post together with some other finds. This pink isn’t chalky, and it blends very well. I’d been looking for a cute new girly pink blush and this shade fits the bill very well. It’s in a new packaging too, fancy that!


I have none. I find contouring unnecessary for day-to-day wear. And applying contour means you need to also have blush. Otherwise, I’m happy to leave the 80’s glamour magazine shoot where it belongs – in the past.


The Tarte Winter Wonderglam palette is the palette that makes me go WOW every time I set eyes upon it. See my unboxing and swatch video here. Although I don’t use any of the glitter shades in this look, it also has basic colours for a daily neutral look. I used “Steel” for the overall upper lid, “Bobsled” for the outer corners to add depth and “Reindeer Snack” for the bottom lids. You can use colours that are similar to mine if you don’t have this palette. 


I am loving this pen liner from Maybelline, also featured in my drugstore makeup blog post. I love the bend in the pen and how thin the brush tip is. It’s perfect for drawing a winged liner and getting the angles on both sides to match. Watch my tutorial above to learn how you can draw your own winged liner.


These are the classic Ardell Demi Wispies with the transparent base. Light on the lids, and with good curl and volume to really open up my eyes. I love these so much that I always recommend them to anyone who is looking for a good falsies brand. I bought the pack of 5 pairs of lashes 4 months ago, and I’m still on my first pair. They’re really so much better than the Japanese ones you’d previously find at Watsons and SaSa.


I’ve been using the Rimmel Professional Eyebrow Pencil for the longest time. You’d see it in almost all my makeup videos. I switched over to this lighter brown shade as my hair is now lighter and I plan to go even lighter. Because my natural brows are sparse as hell, I’m able to change colours of my brow pencil pretty easily, and I don’t have to dye my brows when I dye my hair. Using a spool while filling the brows in helps to create a softer, more natural finish.


I’m using Tom Ford lipstick in Spanish Pink, a happy natural pink that’s quite the mood booster. See my unboxing video here. We could really do with a cheer on these gloomy days.


I change my earrings every day, and the ones in this video are from Trouvée.Co. I’m wearing necklaces from Swarovski and Trouvée.Co. Apart from my wedding and engagement rings, my black onyx ring is also from Trouvée.Co. I love layering my jewellery but not overdoing it. Jewellery adds colour to my entire ensemble in small ways. In this video, I’m mixing white gold and rose gold – you see, they go well together too! You’d be surprised just how much a few pieces can elevate your overall look.


Have you seen my loungewear haul video blog post? I’m wearing the Turn Back Tank in white from Cotton On. Last I heard, they’re still having a storewide 30% off sale! It’s so affordable and comfortable, I’m going to get more before the sale ends.

I hope you are doing OK staying indoors. While the number of Covid-19 cases is going up, I’m pretty sure that with more of us staying home and being socially responsible, this will go down soon. Hang in there guys!