Why I’ve Switched to Wearing a Bikini Top

by Roxanne C.
Wearing a bikini top via Roxanne Says

Going through pregnancy changes a woman’s body in so many ways. One way mine has changed is definitely having my boobs go through different sizes and shape. They’re back to how they were before I got pregnant, and that means I’m back to being flat-chested old me.

While I was pregnant, I discovered maternity bras, which helped a lot when I needed to nurse my baby spontaneously. I also re-discovered my bikini tops and have started wearing them a lot ever since. In fact, I wear them almost daily now.

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Why have I switched to wearing a bikini top instead of a bra?

  • They don’t have confusing sizes. I can just buy a small size and they’d all fit me, whichever brand they’re from.
  • They’re easy to wear. Just tie a halter and either tie the back straps or click them into place!
  • I don’t need “proper support,” as long as my bikini tops don’t allow my boobs to sag – but then again how can they sag? LOL.
  • They go with EVERYTHING. I can wear them under any top and head to the supermarket for groceries.
  • Even if they show, it’s not intimate. It’s more like, “Let’s get cocktails by the beach guys,” and I can’t find a better way to express the beach lover that I am.
  • They have different styles and strapless bikini tops are also very comfortable.
  • They’re usually more affordable than bras.

I’m currently on the ones I bought from Aerie and Cotton On Body, and am going to get more, since there’re so many sales going on everywhere. Here are my picks from ASOS and Aerie.

Will you switch to wearing bikini tops too?