Why We Need Retail Therapy – And My Current Fav Stores

by Roxanne C.
why we need retail therapy via Roxanne Says

One of my favourite things to do on a trip is to explore a shopping district by foot. My favourite kinds of shopping haven is one where the shops are stand-alone stores lined up one after another along a small street. You find these most commonly in the States and Europe, where cities don’t face the issue of land scarcity. Check out my London Diaries blog post to see what I mean!

Shopping streets like these are calming and welcoming, even if I don’t end up buying anything. But because each store is so cute, unique and has really pretty stuff, I just want to buy something small from each one I visit.

Now that we’re home all the time, exploring a city isn’t an option. But that hasn’t stopped us from indulging a little now and then. If you look at the bigger picture, I don’t actually need anything else in my life right now. But yet, there are things I want and will spend money on.

The question is, why? Why do people like me still engage in retail therapy even though there isn’t a logically sound reason to do so?

I’ve realised that it’s all psychological. Because shopping, spending money buying things that we don’t need, is a luxury. It gives us a sense of control. It tells us, in times when things seem to be going out of hand, that there is at least something that is certain.

When I shop, I get to choose what I buy, when I buy it and for how much I buy it. Most times, I even get to choose when and how I receive it. When my haul does get in my hands, I can decide whether I keep it or give it away, when and how I use it, and even how often I use it. I assign a certain value to it, and it, in turn, gives my own life value.

So, in short, I think retail therapy is necessary. It adds colour to my life and gives it another dimension of meaning. Without overdoing it, shopping de-stresses me because it tells me that everything is and will be be OK.

I buy most of my stuff on ASOS and recently discovered (and fell in major love with) Cotton On. There isn’t a brand that I am truly loyal to because the way brands work changes all the time. As much as possible, I take advantage of sales, either being notified of them via newsletters or from word of mouth.

If you have a brand that you love and support, do leave me a comment so I can check it out! And if you’re looking for minimalist silver gemstone jewellery, drop by my store TrouvĂ©e.Co.