5 Things in my Head: A Mishmash

by Roxanne C.
5 things in my head via Roxanne Says

Staying home so much can only mean one thing: my brain goes into hyper active mode. Even my fengshui master knows this about me from seeing my bazi, so I guess it’s something I can’t change (but rather learn to adapt to).

Since about a year ago, I’ve started becoming more mindful of the thoughts I have. When it gets overwhelming, I either get out of the house or distract myself with an activity apart from the one I’m engaged in.

It’s worked so far, but today, it feels like my thoughts are all over the place. They’re all there, tumbling and meshing into one another, one thought inseparable from the other. At the same time, they’re not there, like the genie that disappears into thin air but still has a presence looming over you.

So, I’m picking 5 thoughts to focus and gain clarity on.

5 things in my head and ASOS via Roxanne Says


I hadn’t been really sure of the direction I wanted Trouvée.Co to go into when I set it up. At the time, as long as it made me some money, I would be happy enough. Today, just as I’m sorting out my life and career goals, I’ve decided that letting it be a small business is the best thing to do.

It wouldn’t take the joy out of running it, and I’d still have something positive to occupy my time with when I need some balance. As I’m running it all alone, having it remain as a small business gives me flexibility to enjoy other aspects of my personal life. While a big proportion of my shoppers are overseas, I hope that one day in the near future, Singaporeans will also be open to investing in quality minimalist jewellery online.


I can’t wait for my ASOS order to arrive! I spent the weekend shopping because I’m in the middle of a wardrobe revamp. Most of my clothes pre-pregnancy are now pretty old and some have even gotten discoloured, or the shape’s gone way off. And I’m not about to keep wearing my maternity clothes. I’m making use of this time to think about my current style and how it’s changed from the past. Looking at my ASOS haul, I’m definitely into a more girly, sweet look! Check this out for their current sale items.


Trying to build a career as a woman while also at the initial stages of having kids/building a family is really, impossibly tough. Worse is when you’re also going through a mid-career switch or a transition phase. There had been so many lost opportunities that were within my grasp but fell out between my fingers at the end because it was just not possible for me to handle both at the same time. For someone that’s as ambitious as me, trust me when I say it was soul-crushing.

What’s been a relief is that I’ve come to terms with taking a step back in my career for now to focus on family building. It’ll take probably another year for me to finally be able to get back into the groove of things, career-wise, 100%. For now, I’ll keep doing what I’m doing (to build up my resume) and spending time with & on my family.


My sandfly bite recently got infected and I had to urgently get the RESCU team to drop by my house one Sunday night for antibiotics. The initial dose of 5 days wasn’t enough to stop and heal the infection, and I had to get another 5 days’ dosage from a nearby clinic before they closed for the weekend. The course is finished now, and so all I have to do is wait for it to completely heal while I try not to do anything stupid that could open the wound up again.

Having this infection that wouldn’t stop oozing left me somewhat handicapped – I couldn’t play with my daughter on the mat properly, I couldn’t change her diapers, I couldn’t wear my pants without taking extreme care not to touch it. I didn’t even dare to practise Pilates for fear of sweating, which could slow down the recovery (not sure if this fear is well-founded). SO GLAD it’s not oozing anymore and has crusted over!


Do people do luxury fashion any more? Do we even care? My beloved Balenciaga has been sitting on my coffee table for months now, right beside our Dungeons & Dragons and Dominion kits, and I’m too lazy to move it back into my closet. I see IG photos of people’s closets full of high-end branded items, and it just does not make me feel anything.

Maybe it’s because I’ve moved past that phase and now just want to focus on other things in my life. It could also be because I already have all the bags that I’ve always wanted to have, and don’t see any reason to get anything more. There’re only so many bags or leather bracelets a girl can want, right? After all, these should serve me, not the other way round.

Keeping myself happy during this weird time matters so much. I really can’t wait for my ASOS haul to arrive, so that I can wear my new outfits and film an unboxing video for you guys. I’m grateful for this time to be able to blog more often than before. Here’s hoping I’ll be able to keep this up moving forward!