Blogmas 2020: How to Make Your Home Hygge for Christmas

by Roxanne C.
Blogmas 2020 Day 8 of 12 Hygge for Christmas

Hygge is a feeling of warm coziness in an external environment which may or may not be quite the opposite. It’s the feeling of peace and contentment.

I’ve been trying to incorporate this into my life as far as possible but sometimes life happens, and things just get way too crazy. I’m so glad that we’re now at Christmas so everything slows down and I’m able to reset my life.

Here are some methods I’m intending to follow to make our home more hygge this season, and hopefully for the rest of the coming year.


I’d like to continue enjoying the peaceful atmosphere surrounding our new home. For as long as I can remember, I’ve always longed for a quiet and peaceful home environment. When I don’t hear construction or renovation noises every day of the week, I am able to better process my own thoughts at my own pace, which then allows me to act on whatever plans I have. When our family is peaceful and loving, lacking violence of any kind, it creates a welcoming and accepting environment for me to listen to my intuitions and have the confidence to carry out my plans as well.


Scented candles work wonders to put you in a certain frame of mind. Although I’m not a fan of the scent of cackling fireplaces and fir, maybe I should give this a try just for Christmas. If not, I always have my mojito one that I bought last year from My Jolie Candle. In any case, candle flames in a dreary, moody winter/Monsoon make everything more romantic, don’t you think?


Our tree has been up since November and one way I appreciate it is by using the slow blinking mode on its warm LED lights. Fast blinking lights stress me out completely and give me anxiety for no good reason.


This is perfect for when it rains and gets cold indoors even without turning the fan on! Snuggling in my couch with my sketch book and prepping for Trouvée.Co‘s upcoming collection while listening to Christmas tunes in the background and sipping on my hot cocoa really is one of the best things in life.


This means any issue that gets me riled up, like career, racism, feminism, anything to do with religion & politics, Covid-related situations and even possible pregnancy complications. It helps when I think about what to make for our Christmas dinner, what to wear for our immediate family’s first-ever Christmas Day get-together, and what presents to include in my gifting goodie bags when I meet friends.


Decluttering is definitely one of the best ways to hygge-up a house, whatever the season! When things are put away, out of sight but within reach when I need them, it puts my mind at ease and I can relax. With a toddler it may get tricky, but she has dedicated spaces in our home for her toys and books, so that helps a lot. Even if the house does get messy in the day, by bedtime everything is back in its proper place and I feel like I can sleep better at night.


For your gifts under your tree. Kraft paper is really good for this and saves the environment because it’s either recycled or can be recycled. Even plain white A4 printing paper works, if your gift is small enough. Use raffia string to make bows as a final touch. Think handmade and minimalist.

8. BAKE!

Apparently, baking is one of the Danish ways to make your Christmas more hygge. You can try pastries like cinnamon rolls, banana bread or even a lemon pound cake. See some of my Christmas feast recommendations in this blogmas post. Nothing beats fresh, hot buns right from the oven when you tuck in for tea break or dinner. My tip? Do this together with loved ones for a memorable time.


One of the reasons candles are so amazing is the soft glow they give off. In the day, there is no need to turn on the bright overhead lights at home – just stick to the window and natural sunlight. In the evening, we usually just turn on our dimmed lights after dinner for a more relaxing mood. The lights on our Christmas tree helps too. If you aren’t the candle kind of person, just get those fake ones that you can place anywhere and not run the risk of burning your house down.


This is any Christmas movie that is not Die Hard. Even cartoons or kids films work too, and make for a good family activity to get everyone involved. Don’t forget to snuggle under the couch throw and munch on your fresh, hot cinnamon rolls!

If you have any other tips, feel free to share them in the comment section below.