Blogmas 2020: Christmas Feast Ideas

by Roxanne C.
Blogmas 2020 Day 7 of 12 Christmas Feast Ideas
Easy recipe to this roast chicken is linked below.

The one thing about Christmas that brings people together is the big meal of the year. I always look forward to feasting, as we huddle indoors around the dining table for hours on end.

Not everything has to be complicated or take several hours to make. Some items can also be bought, if you lack an oven or certain ingredients/skills. Here are some unique ideas for your Christmas feast if you still don’t know what to contribute this year.


Blogmas 2020 Day 7 of 12 Christmas Feast Ideas Tomato Soup
Roasted tomato pumpkin soup with cream. Recipe below.
  1. kale chips (so easy to make, and so healthy!)
  2. foie gras and crackers
  3. cheese and crackers
  4. potato salad
  5. pasta salad
  6. roasted tomato pumpkin soup with cream
  7. bacon-wrapped baked camembert nibbles


Blogmas 2020 Day 7 of 12 Christmas Feast Ideas Pommes Dauphine
Pommes dauphine, one of my favourites! Recipe below.
  1. smoked salmon
  2. roast chicken with herbs
  3. samosa
  4. gratin dauphinois
  5. pommes dauphine (recipe is in French)
  6. Shepherd’s pie
  7. baked potato with cheese and mushroom stuffing
  8. miso ramen
  9. pad thai
  10. sous vide medium-rare steak with mashed potatoes


Blogmas 2020 Day 7 of 12 Christmas Feast Ideas Cranberry Upside Down Cake
This cranberry upside down cake looks so tempting. Check out the recipe linked below.
  1. orange meringue log cake
  2. macarons
  3. pistachio and strawberry sponge cake
  4. churros with vanilla bean ice cream and warm chocolate sauce
  5. no-bake cheesecake crumble with a scoop of ice cream
  6. baked apple crisp
  7. cranberry upside down cake
  8. kir
  9. hot cocoa
  10. red wine
  11. decaf mocha/latte
  12. sparkling raspberry mocktail

Do you have any Christmas feast ideas of your own to share? If you have an amazing recipe, let us know in the comments so I can check it out!

To put yourself in the festive mood, you can also read one of my earlier Blogmas entries on what I love about Christmas.