Blogmas 2020: What’s Your Present to Yourself?

by Roxanne C.
Blogmas 2020 Day 6 of 12 Present to Yourself

You know, every Christmas all of us get gifting. Seriously. Even when money can be tight, people still make it a point to gift something, no matter how small. But when was the last time you gifted something to yourself?

This year has been especially tough, and I think everyone deserves a little something. If no one is going to send you a little box under the tree, you need to do it for yourself. Earlier for Blogmas this year, I wrote about how I usually shop for a bag every year because I enjoy tax returns as a foreigner. Since we’re basically stuck in Singapore this year, and I haven’t any bag in mind, I bought myself my first ever luxury skincare:

I’ve never bought luxury skincare mainly because they’re all so expensive, and I have no idea whether they would work for my sensitive skin. No way am I ever going to spend hundreds on a product that runs the risk of breaking me out or giving me red patches. If it wasn’t for a free sample of the Dior Prestige La Micro-Huile de Rose Advanced Serum, I would never ever have been slightly tempted to get this.

This serum not only gave my skin a supple boost overnight on the first use, it also smells great and looks pretty on my dresser. In addition, it’s the first rose-based skincare product that my skin has ever taken a liking to. This new patented formula is twice as concentrated as the previous one (which is still selling in stores). I got it off Selfridges because they were having a sale on top of the regular retail price that’s already less than what it is in local stores.

It first went out of stock while I was contemplating getting it – it still is expensive even on discount. And when it came back in stock, I wasted no time!

Before I start sounding like I’m justifying my purchase (which is definitely justified, given the crappy circumstances and a very challenging pregnancy of the year thus far), I wonder if you’ve stopped to think that maybe you also deserve a present to yourself.

It doesn’t even have to be something expensive. A little treat can always work as well to say congrats that you’ve made it this far. Some ideas include a new dress, something unique from a holiday beauty launch, a manicure spa session, or even a little bling in a pretty little box.

So go ahead and give yourself permission to spoil yourself for one day. Do share with me what you’ve gotten – I’d love to know!