Unboxing my Pat McGrath Labs Lust: Glosses

by Roxanne C.
Pat McGrath Sephora Haul

I don’t know if it’s purely coincidental or the universe is playing tricks on us. But hours after having some fun unboxing one of my latest beauty haul from Pat McGrath Labs (bought from Sephora), it was announced that we’re entering another sort of lockdown in Singapore. I’m beginning to think that going back to pre-Covid levels of normalcy will take years, and even then, there will be a new normal that’s not like the one we used to know.

While we stay indoors as far as possible to keep one another safe, it’s even more important than before that we keep our mental health in check. We’ll need to find ways to keep our spirits up, especially since it’s been so long since the first lockdown began – and things don’t seem to get better around the world.

For me, apart from this list of things to do indoors, I’ll be trying to re-ignite my passion for reading because it’s really the one way that can transcend boundaries for me within the comforts of my home. Of course, unboxing beauty and fashion hauls with Aurélie is another fun thing we do together to bond. Check out today’s cute video of her little hands trying to open those Pat McGrath boxes! You can purchase the Lust: Gloss from one of my favourite online retailers, Selfridges, here.

Our little girl is growing way too fast. Every day she says and/or does something new, and her confidence in speaking French is growing by leaps and bounds too. Sometimes she says she doesn’t want the baby, but other times she’s just the most affectionate towards her baby brother. She’s been having a rough week, having fallen sick with the current RSV going around preschools, so seeing her in such great spirits today is quite a relief.

Hopefully next week will be much better than the one we just had, despite the new Covid-19 measures. At least we won’t be needing to go to the office as much for the next few weeks, which means money saved for other things like falsies and luxury face serums. Tsk!