KOMA Singapore Review

by Roxanne C.

We celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary yesterday with a quick lunch at KOMA Singapore. I need to tell you, we hit quite a few milestones over the weekend so honestly, our date was extremely timely! Not only could we celebrate 3 years of being married to each other, we were also in a way celebrating finally moving Kai into the kids’ room to sleep with Aurélie, him sleeping through the whole night (and therefore, Aurélie too) and the fact that Aurélie has been so sensible in adjusting to the new routine and welcoming her brother into her room.

We only decided to have our lunch date in the morning, and after some quick search online for romantic restaurants in Singapore, found KOMA. I’d seen my friends social media pictures of the place and thought we should visit it. Made a reservation via Chope and requested for the “best seat in the house because it was our first post-baby lunch and I was so excited.”

Attire at KOMA is semi-casual, no slippers allowed. We got a semi-private table on a mezzanine patio overlooking the restaurant (the main picture above shows the view from our table), away from everybody else. The ambiance is definitely romantic under muted lighting. From where we were, we could barely hear other people’s conversations.

And the food? Amazing.

Crispy chicken and an yuzu sauce-based salmon carpaccio starters. These were really good.
Our mains: salmon and medium-rare short rib. Both served with steamed rice in a bowl.

How do you tell if a restaurant serves good food? Their fish is not dry, no matter how it’s cooked, and they know what medium-rare is (steak/beef-wise) when you ask for it. The teriyaki salmon I had was well-balanced with the garden veggies, while the beef was heavenly with those dollops of caramelised butter on top. Both were SO. GOOD.

Dessert was also quite unexpected. We ordered an yuzu-lemon and a chocolate one and they arrived looking like they belonged in a fairy tale.

Everything is edible (except for the black and white serving plates.)
The Momo Mont Blanc tea.

We almost couldn’t finish the dessert because the steak was quite a huge serving (600g to be exact). We also ordered an additional Momo Mont Blanc tea, which went really well with the dessert.

The service at KOMA Singapore was top-notch as well. A waitress came to clean off scraps that had fallen on the table in between servings. We were informed where the restrooms were during the introduction by the person who showed us our seats. There were staff members standing by the side and looking out for any diners who would require assistance at any time. Whoever was serving the dishes also took the time to explain what they each were before we tucked in. If I were to nitpick, I’d say it would have been better if there was a bag holder by my seat.

You’d think we were really in Japan!
Gorgeous setting!

Overall, I’m very impressed with the service, food and ambiance of the restaurant and I definitely recommend it for special occasions like birthday or anniversary celebrations. It did help that the restaurant was not operating at full capacity due to Covid restrictions – but honestly, that made the whole experience much more intimate.

I had signed up for a free MBS Membership just before our lunch date, and KOMA Singapore was having a 20% Instant Reward Dollars promotion (extended till 29 Oct 2021). So, I managed to get my Reward Dollars and now I can go shopping!

What about you, have you been to KOMA Singapore and was your experience similar? Let me know in the comment section below.