The Last 6 Months: Beauty Revamp, Phuket and Kids

by Roxanne C.
Phuket Beach Sunset

It’s Masks Off, Now What?

It’s finally time we can all roam around mask-free everywhere except at clinics (makes sense) and on public transport (again, makes sense). This means it’s also time to take a good look at my makeup collection and do an overhaul.

I’ve started to throw out some lippies and eyeliners that I’ve kept with me since the beginning of Covid lockdown days in early 2020 and bought new makeup. There are still some which I’m still finding hard to throw away because they’re Tom Ford and Dior—but these will be gone soon too, I promise. Bagged a matte lip crayon and lip gloss yesterday while at the pharmacy doing some errands, and I also managed to get my hands on a couple of Julie Hewett Noir lipsticks (oh the classics, so gorgeous) with their 30% off Labour Day sale that ended yesterday.

I don’t know if it’s just me, but it seems like many brands have gone off the market. It’s so hard to find the Rimmel Brow This Way Professional Pencil anymore—I only managed to find the last 2 on Amazon in my shade yesterday. Urban Decay‘s out of Singapore, Becca Cosmetics has shut down for good (goodbye my beloved contour palettes). I haven’t even heard much in the news from cult favourites like Fenty Beauty, Hourglass or NARS, or the big-brand staples like Estee Lauder, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, etc. Yes, I guess you can say it’s been quiet.

Through the past few years, I think I’ve taken a much more minimalist approach when it comes to beauty, and a more impactful approach in skincare. Although I haven’t been going out as much as before, my skin still ages. I noticed some slight sagging on my cheeks, more fine lines around the bottom inner corners of my eyes and more freckles. Right now, I’m trying out some power serums from Paula’s Choice and am definitely re-stocking during the Shopee 9.9 sale (get 10% cashback vouchers). My nighttime moisturiser is still the Innisfree Jeju Orchid Enriched Cream—I have not found any other anti-aging moisturiser that can match up to this one.

Will I be getting more makeup? The answer is an obvious yes but I definitely need to *pace myself*.

Phuket Trip Was the Break I Needed.

I was in Phuket for 5 short days with my sister back in August and it felt so freeing to be back at the beach. Sans kids, husband and the stress that comes with being a mum, it was the break I needed to sort of just be myself again. We were met with some thunderstorms here and there—on one night we had a few power outages due to the storm but it was always restored within seconds. Staying on a resort with a private beach was great because it meant we could just “go to the beach” on a whim, or whenever the sun started coming out again—no time wasted travelling.

I got the tan I wanted (and probably needed so I could stop looking so pasty and weak) and finally managed to try surfing. I think I’m an addict now and can’t stop looking for surf schools around Asia. In fact, I’ve booked a family trip to Desaru Coast this coming Deepavali weekend and will definitely give surfing another go if the weather is good.

Our Kids Are No Longer Babies.

It’s true, they do grow so fast. We now have a 1.5-year-old and a 3-year-old. It’s much easier to manage compared to how things were a year ago, but going out can still be a hassle because of the bulky car seats that we have to bring along (we don’t own a car). They are now more aware of their surroundings and can play with each other, which is great for all of 10 minutes until someone starts snatching something from the other.

I take one day at a time even though I still get super stressed out when either one falls sick and starts coughing. Also feeling very blessed and special because there are 2 tiny humans on this whole planet earth who call me “mummy.”

Looking forward to the coming months when we’ve got family trips planned (Bali might be happening). Not sure if other mums feel the same, but I’m very excited whenever we have new experiences together and I am able to participate in my children’s exploration of their world.