New Discovery: Freshwater Farm Soaps

by Roxanne C.
Freshwater Farm Soap Bars

I think I have a new hobby—collecting soap bars. But it’s not just any soap bar. They’ve got to be made of premium ingredients, smell amazing and have beautiful packaging.

I came across Freshwater Farm soaps one day at the local grocer, took a whiff of the soap bars and was sold. The more I researched the brand and its origins, the more I’m convinced more people should know about their products.

They’re family-owned and made-in-Australia. Their products are cruelty-free and vegan-friendly (except for the Manuka honey range). They’re carbon-neutral and the products are processed in a way that respects the earth. These Freshwater Farm soap bars are triple-milled and made with a blend of essential oils that I absolutely love, like mandarin (my HG essential oil for a perk-me-up) and rosemary.

Finally, the packaging is simple but yet looks luxurious. In quite an Aesop-style look, but without the overly strong scent and wallet-breaking price.

Mandarin and lemon are 2 of my favourite natural scents.

You can check out their website here if you’re interested. I can’t wait to try them out once my current Marseille bar is finished (got a couple of those at Monoprix back in December). That hand wash looks so promising too!

I wish I had more chances to blog about my favourite topic—beauty. But looking back in my blog archive, the second last beauty blog post was an unboxing of some Pat McGrath glosses back in 2021, and my baby girl couldn’t even speak properly yet (see how cute she was in the video). Hopefully now that the kids are older, I can reclaim a little bit of this part of my life back.

We can all pray!