Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review

by Roxanne C.
Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review

One of the biggest taboos in hair care is sleeping with wet hair. We all know this, yet it’s something I used to do quite a lot, especially after having kids (when I actually get the chance to wash my hair). I started looking out for a hair dryer a few months back because I was tired of having frizzy hair that looked like hay and had no bounce.

My criteria for a hair dryer, if I were to spend on one, would be:

  • Less than S$300
  • Lightweight, so my hands wouldn’t get tired after a while
  • Works fast
  • Looks nice
  • Has a 3-pin plug that fits Singapore’s households

Simple and short enough, but wouldn’t you know how hard it is to find a product that fits all points!

By chance, I came across the Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer (see a video review of it here) and ever since I’ve tried it, am completely sold. If you’re also looking for a hair dryer, I highly recommend this!

Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review
It’s so small and lightweight!
Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review
The fully functioning, easy-to-use buttons.

The dryer has 2 speeds, I and II (you can see this in the buttons photo above). It also has 4 heat modes: 57 degrees, hot, alternating hot/cool and cool. To toggle between the 4 modes, you just need to press on the single button that has the “refresh” symbol (also in photo above). The 4 mode symbols will appear lit up on the back of the hair dryer when it’s turned on, so you can tell which mode you’re using.

I usually start with speed II at 57 degrees to quickly dry my hair. Then, when my hair is almost dry/slightly damp, I switch to speed I at the cool mode. The cool mode at the end is what helps to give you fluffy tresses! Once my hair is dry, I just comb through with my Tangle Teezer (in its gorgeous turquoise shade, no less), making sure to comb inwards at the ends.

Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review
See? Fluffy hair! This was right after drying (and as you can tell, it was nighttime).
Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review
Couldn’t resist taking a shot from another angle. Sent these to my sister to show her how amazing my hair looked.

The Dream Hair Glory hair dryer works super fast, and it’s not as noisy as compared to other dryers I’ve come across before. I picked the rose gold version but there is also one in white. I love that they include a cable management silicon tieā€”not a must for me, but a nice touch that makes you feel that the people behind this product do understand the user experience to some extent.

Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review
An overview of the Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer that includes a separate nozzle and essence that attach to the head magnetically.

Although the product comes with a separate smoothing nozzle, I don’t use that because this generally tends to make your hair flat, and I already deal with that on a normal basis. I don’t want flat, I want fluffy. For about $14-$15 more, you can get a separate essence attachment that smells pleasant (like a generic Japanese shampoo), and which gives your hair some added benefit while you dry it. I haven’t used this yet, but will soon.

Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review
Up close with the hair essence.
Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer Review
The Dreame Hair Glory Hair Dryer with the detachable hair essence.

You can find the Dreame Hair Glory hair dryer on Shopee (where I got mine) here. It’s currently retailing at S$229 (54% off RRP, so get it before the promo ends!), which I find to be a great value for what you get. With this hair dryer, I foresee you won’t be looking anywhere else for quite a while.