Senka Perfect UV Gentle Milk Sunscreen Review

by Roxanne C.
Senka Perfect UV Gentle Milk Sunscreen Review 1

I must be on a roll these days, what with discovering one great product after another. The Senka Perfect UV Gentle Milk Sunscreen truly is a godsend!

Diving straight into what I love about this product:

  • It’s lightweight, so breathable and spreads easily on my skin.
  • It doesn’t leave an ashy, white colour behind (but if you want to lather it on like crazy, I cannot help you there).
  • There is no noticeable scent.
  • It has no alcohol—this is a big plus for me, as it’s the main criteria all my liquid-based skincare and beauty products must fulfil before I even consider them.
  • It doesn’t cause breakouts.
  • It’s affordable.
  • It has SPF 50+ PA++++ to block out UVA and UVB rays.
Senka Perfect UV Gentle Milk Sunscreen Review 2
It’s a tiny bottle but sure packs a punch. You just need a tiny bit each day, and the small size is perfect for travels.

Its closest competitor in terms of drugstore sunscreen is the Anessa Perfect UV Sunscreen Mild Milk, both products being manufactured by parent company Shiseido. Although the Anessa sunscreen is also alcohol-free, I picked Senka only due to its lower price point.

I wore this sunscreen out recently to the beach, and honest to God, my face was the only thing that did not suffer a burn from the sun. I’m not sure I even got a tan neck-up. All I did was to apply a thin layer of the sunscreen after my Torriden moisturising serum, and before adding a light layer of compact powder (to help reduce my skin’s natural shine).

You can watch a TikTok I did on a first-up review and how this sunscreen looks like when applied:


It’s Day 5 after my 2nd pico laser session, and I can also finally put some sunscreen on (because I’ve been in bed the past 4 days from flu and have had no energy for anything). If you have any questions on pico (price, what it is, which Dr I went to etc) just leave a comment and I’ll reply to that. I might post a follow-up review on the sunscreen in a later post too. Follow me here, I promise to be more active from now. 😅 I have also just launched @Roxanne Saynac | Slow Living as a page to promote slow living, mindfulness and overall emotional wellbeing and balance, so do give that page a follow and show some love to reclaim the freedom to live your life. 💖 #picolaser #picolasertreatment #tan #sgbeauty #sgbeautylifestyle #senka #sunscreen #beautytok #beautyblogger #shiseido #bathroomtalk

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I would 100% recommend the Senka Perfect UV Gentle Milk Sunscreen because not only is it affordable, it also works. For me so far, it’s really the best lightweight sunscreen for sensitive skin. You can get yours on the Watsons Shopee store here. They do have discounts from time to time on the RRP of about S$18.90, so it’s pretty worth it when you can catch the sales periods.

Let me know if you do try this out and your thoughts about it!