The Gyaru (ギャル) look is to Tokyo as the Ulzzang (얼짱) look is to Seoul. It’s a single type of makeup that gives character to a city and for the Gyaru, it’s all about big hair, cutesy dressing and wide eyes. If you’re looking to dress up as one, perhaps for Halloween or a themed party (that would be so fun), here are some tips to check off your list before you head outdoors as a Gyaru for the day or night. But first, some pictures to illustrate what the Gyaru look is all about.


    Sexy Gyaru look.


    Cute Gyaru look.


    Pretty Gyaru look.


    Hippie Gyaru look.


    1) Light-Coloured Hair

    Gyarus generally don’t keep their hair naturally dark. It’s all sorts of brown to blonde, just never or very rarely black. You can do highlights, streaks or even just mono-tonal grey. Curls and waves are the norm for this look. Bangs are optional but they add a cute factor if that’s what you’re after.


    2) All About the Eyes.

    The major part of the Gyaru look is the eye makeup. Lots of false lashes in addition to applying mascara, top and bottom. Eyeliner is a must as are coloured contact lenses. If the lenses are circle lenses, all the better because they enlarge your eyes. Line the bottom waterline with white liner to make your eyes look wider. Keep eyeshadow shades to light, shimmery tones or neutrals and bronzes.

    Here are some pictures I found online via that show you how to doll up your eyes. It was probably taken from a Japanese magazine, so read from right to left.




    3) Contouring

    The main part that needs contouring here is the nose. Leave the hollows of the cheek untouched because we don’t want to look tanned nor sun-kissed. Add a brown shade on both sides of the nose and a brighter highlighter on the bridge. Blend the parts where they meet so that you don’t look too structured.


    4) A Nude Complexion

    The rest of the face makeup is pretty neutral so that attention is focused on the eyes. Add concealor where it is needed. Stick to pink blushes on the apples of the cheeks. A little shimmer here is OK. Lip colours should be either neutral or light pink, topped with gloss for a youthful shine. Stay away from strong shades like hot pink, coral and red. It’s best if the shade of your blush and lip colour match well and are of very similar shades (refer to the pictures above).





    Grey Chesterfield couch via {link url=""}Pinterest{/link}.





    Image credits: The Girly Side of Me, Ggggal, Favim & Gyaru Hair

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