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    I redeemed this pretty gold palette when I went to Estee Lauder for a makeover. The palette contains 9 very wearble shades, especially for Asians. There’s a colour for almost everything, be it a neutral shade, a brighter, more playful one or even a more seductive colour. The lip colours are from Estee Lauder’s Hydra Lustre Lipstick range. They are creamy to apply and have a shiny, glossy finish. Let’s first take a look at the palette:


    Pretty in gold.


    The bottom of the palette showing the 9 shades.


    Some shades have been used but the palette is still pretty.


    The palette itself is simple but still drenched in the classic Estee Lauder gold. The 9 shades included in it are: 33 Apricot Sun, 25 Burnished Bronze, 03 Pink Champagne, 09 Venetian Rose, 05 Perfect Pink, 07 Rich Berry, 13 Cocoa Rose, 06 Lush Rose and 17 Tender Mauve (top to bottom, left to right). Of these, 03 Pink Champagne, 05 Perfect Pink and 07 Rich Berry have some shimmer in them. It’s really hard to pick a favourite shade but I feel that 25 Burnished Bronze is the one I’ll use the least because it’s more of a brown colour. Let’s see the swatches!


    All the 9 colours together.


    33 Apricot Sun, 25 Burnished Bronze , 03 Pink Champagne and 09 Venetian Rose (left to right).


    09 Venetian Rose, 05 Perfect Pink, 07 Rich Berry and 13 Cocoa Rose (left to right).


    07 Rich Berry, 13 Cocoa Rose, 06 Lush Rose and 17 Tender Mauve (left to right).


    I’m not sure if the palette is available in stores. If it’s not, you’ll most probably have to buy the lipsticks individually. However, I’ve noticed that some of these shades are not included in the Hydra Lustre Lipstick range as individual items.┬áThis palette is a great alternative to my current YSL favourite because it stacks so many wearble pink shades. Although the palette originally came with a lip brush, I’ve thrown that away and am using my Bobbi Brown one instead.





    Flame-shaped sculptures created by Herb Williams using Crayola crayons via {link url=""}Tigre{/link}.



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