Every makeup brand has a signature look to it. Today, we find out about NARS’ and how to get it right at home.

    NARS Signature Look


    The look above shows drama-mama eyes that are not over the top. The colours used here are really exotic with an emphasis on teals, turquoises, greens and blues. Very much like an aquatic mermaid theme. Notice how the colour of the model’s eyes are compatible with the shades used.

    Here are the products that were used for this look:

    – Sheer Glow Foundation

    – Soft Touch Shadow Pencil in Palladium

    – Duo Eyeshadow in South Pacific

    – Duo Eyeshadow in Cleo

    – Duo Eyeshadow in Persepolis

    – Larger Than Life Voluminising Mascara

    – Pure Matte Lipstick in Bangkok

    All products are from NARS. To learn how to get the look, check out the step-by-step tutorial on Telegraph. I personally feel though, that if your eyes are dark (black or really dark brown) like mine, this look would be too intense. Grey coloured contacts would do the trick. No blush is needed but focus on the bronzer for contouring of the cheek hollows and highlighter for the cheekbones.

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