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    by Roxanne C.

    Healing of Abrasion Wounds

    As you may know, I’d recently got an abrasion wound on my leg. I suspect it’s called rope burn. I didn’t see a doctor for a week and it got infected. Don’t be dumb like me!

    When you have a wound, any wound, make sure you clean it with soap and water as soon as possible (immediately would be good) and apply some antiseptic cream if you have any. Do let a doctor or physician take a look at it to determine how best to treat it. Most superficial wounds can be left alone to heal. However, like mine, some more serious wounds (or those that are infected) will need some medical attention.


    The doctor will tell you whether you should keep your wound dry or moist, depending on the type of abrasion you have. I did some research and found that most wounds heal better when kept moist, clean (usually with a topical cream) and covered with a bandage.

    When unsure, ALWAYS seek advice from a professional!

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