Affordable Boutique Hotels in Paris

    Hotel Trinite Haussmann on The Skinny Scout

    In my search for the perfect Parisian hotel this coming summer – and what a tedious search it was – I came across so many beautiful accommodation options that it was so hard to pick just one. Thank goodness I have a budget because otherwise I might end up at Le Royal Monceau.


    Whenever I look for accommodations, I always need something that has:

    1. a clean, decent bathroom with a decent mirror for applying makeup
    2. enough space to move around
    3. the bed not being squashed in a corner
    4. a window (you’d be surprised)


    Sometimes, I can make do with a smaller room but the most important thing I need is always a decent bathroom. No way will I risk getting a UTI if I can help it. If it has rusted fittings or mould growing on mats, or even stains on bedsheets that cannot be washed off, it ends up in the no-go list.


    I decided to make a list of the top 5 affordable hotels in Paris with the best vanity mirrors, because every girl needs one to do her makeup and hair before stepping out. What good are photos of Paris if your eyeliner is uneven in them?


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