Ageyo Sal


    K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank Aegyo Sal

    Self-created the aegyo sal with K-Palette’s Real Lasting Tears Tank!


    Beauty is ever so fickle. Just like fashion! One moment orange is the “in” colour, the next it’s nude blush (which is my current favourite colour by the way), and then several cycles down, it’s orange again. Let’s take a step into the Korean world of beauty at this point in time.


    If you haven’t heard, the Barbie nose is all the rage right now in the streets of Gangnam. At the same time, so is the aegyo sal, which is essentially puffy undereyes. For as long as I’ve known, everyone whom I’ve seen smile has puffy undereyes. But how do we create the look without smiling?


    I gave the K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank a few tries and decided that this shimmer pen brightens up the undereye area and makes you look younger and more awake!


    K-Palette Real Lasting Tears Tank Aegyo Sal

    The Real Lasting Tears Tank contains two ends: one an essence and the other a powder.


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