ANIA Skincare Moroccan Rose Water


    ANIA Skincare Argan Oil

    A great addition to your bathroom countertop.


    If you’re addicted to body oils, chances are you’ve definitely heard of argan oil and its benefits. You might also¬†know that argan oil is safe for pregnant women, children and babies. In fact, it’s¬†recommended for pregnant women to help prevent the formation of stretch marks because it improves the elasticity of skin. To be honest, I’ve never really been a fan of body oils, especially when the first time I ever tried one gave me a case of eczema that’s never really gone away till now. Then again, it wasn’t a natural product – but I’m digressing.


    I was invited to give the ANIA SKINCARE ARGAN OIL a try, and because the only ingredient in this product is 100% pure certified organic argan oil sourced directly from Morocco, I decided to give it a go. The product is placed in a translucent glass bottle, so you can see the contents inside it. It also comes with a dropper screw cap, which gives you better control over how much product to use each time.


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