Avene Extremely Gentle Cleanser Lotion


    How to Remove Eye Makeup

    Removing your makeup every night can actually be easy. I know a lot of times you may feel like it’s a chore, especially when you’re dead beat and just want to go right into bed. And besides, your eye makeup doesn’t completely get removed anyway, no matter what you do. But keeping your skin clean of gunk is the most important step to maintaining healthy skin and I’m going to show you just how you can clean your eyes the right way.


    Here’s a quick tutorial on how I remove my makeup at the end of the day, starting from eye makeup and then moving on to the entire face. I show you up close and personal how to get tricky eye makeup off, especially eyeliner and mascara that doesn’t seem to budge from your lash line even after you’ve put on eye makeup remover. Cotton buds are your best friend.



    The eye makeup remover I use (am on my repurchased bottle) is the L’OREAL GENTLE LIP & EYE MAKEUP REMOVER¬†(also available on Watsons here). I like this eye makeup remover because it doesn’t sting the eyes at all, and I can open my eyes wide while using it to remove my eye makeup. It’s gentle on the eyes but tough on the makeup! Furthermore, it doesn’t stay in my eyes after washing with water and my final¬†cleanser, the AVENE EXTREMELY GENTLE CLEANSER LOTION, so I don’t wake up the next day with blurred vision.


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