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    5 things in my head via Roxanne Says

    Staying home so much can only mean one thing: my brain goes into hyper active mode. Even my fengshui master knows this about me from seeing my bazi, so I guess it’s something I can’t change (but rather learn to adapt to).

    Since about a year ago, I’ve started becoming more mindful of the thoughts I have. When it gets overwhelming, I either get out of the house or distract myself with an activity apart from the one I’m engaged in.

    It’s worked so far, but today, it feels like my thoughts are all over the place. They’re all there, tumbling and meshing into one another, one thought inseparable from the other. At the same time, they’re not there, like the genie that disappears into thin air but still has a presence looming over you.

    So, I’m picking 5 thoughts to focus and gain clarity on.

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