Bluunis eyebrow embroidery

    Eyebrow embroidery at Bluunis review

    Caterpillars are green, and caterpillars belong on trees and shrubs – not above our eyes. Nary an occasion when a tattooed lady walks past have I not been in silent amazement and agony. Does she know that her brows are green? Is she aware that green clashes terribly with some colours, like that salmon top she’s donning? Oh my God, this is so distracting. Just look into her eyes when she speaks, and nowhere else. She doesn’t need to know that she’s morphing into Maleficent in my mind.


    If I could, I’d recommend everyone who wished to get an eyebrow tattoo to instead consider eyebrow embroidery. The main reason being that it’s not permanent (it lasts for about 6 months), so you never have to end up being scarred for life if you got a terrible job done. The second reason is – you guessed it – that it doesn’t ever leave your brows turning green (or red). Ever. Eyebrow embroidery might not be commonplace in the west as of yet, but it totally should.


    I tried out Bluunis about slightly more than a month ago, and was very pleasantly surprised by what I got. I was initially apprehensive, because I didn’t want my brows ending up with a reddish tint that shows up in photographs taken with flash. However, I was assured by the professionals at Bluunis that the dyes used were botanical extracts and did no such turning-my-brows-into-sun-dried-chilis.


    Bluunis eyebrow embroidery

    Right at the beginning. My brows au naturel.


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